When migrants forced the children to walk 1,600-plus miles for months to get to the USA, did they worry or care if the children had toothbrushes, soap, baths or proper hygiene? No.

But now, Border Patrol agents are being accused of cruel and inhumane treatment, event though they bring clothes and supplies from their own homes, and babysit the children instead of doing the real job they are there for.

Migrant adults should be charged with child abuse for forcing children into such unhealthy, uncleanly, danger-ridden conditions and hardships on the journey here.

Paul Sabatino



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David Rau

These illegals come here and bring their children trying to survive and the Trump heads want to charge the parents with child abuse.! It was on Trumps orders that these kids were separated from their parents. It was on Trumps orders that the cages were built. It was on Trumps orders that a private company was paid 750 dollars a child a day to care for them but the company is fleecing the taxpayers and not providing soap or toothpaste or blankets and these kids have to sleep in their own waste. If anyone should face child abuse its Trump. Crooked Trump should be in jail and hopefully will be after hes turned out of office in 2021...Sincerely David Rau

Drew Talley

So you support allowing Private Companies to charge the Tax Payers 700.00 per child per night to not give them a blanket or toothpaste? This policy is a failed experiment! The kids are Christians. This policy is inhumane

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