William Barr’s testimony before the Senate on May 1 was disturbing to me in many ways.

He said the president was “angered and frustrated” by the special counsel’s investigation, as if this somehow justifies his attempts to stop it.

Barr’s assertion that the president has the constitutional right to stop any investigation he deems to be baseless is even more alarming. This is a basis for tyranny. Suggesting that the president can break the law and end any investigation into that breach is beyond troubling.

If this is allowed to stand, it seems we are headed for a true constitutional crisis. I am not a lawyer but it seems to me that guilty or not, obstruction of justice is a criminal act.

Republicans in the Senate who allow the president to get away with this are just as guilty. Barr is clearly working for the president and not the American people.

I can only imagine the outrage by Republicans if a Democrats had done what Donald Trump and William Barr have done. For the first time in my life, I am truly stunned and saddened about what is happening to our government.

The United States used to lead the world by virtue of its morals and the tenets of our constitution. No longer. God help us.

Dennis Cole



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David Rau

I'm not in the habit of telling lies.Anyone can easily dig up links on the web to try to prove a point..I'm sure i could easily find a link on the web that says the earth is flat. I'm sure Mr. Pasley is a decent man hes just bought into trumps lies like so many others. Trump is going around now saying that his 2016 campaign was spied on and thats treason and says people including Hillary Clinton will be going to jail but smart people are not buying into that its just another symptom of trumps deteriorating mental condition. There is no evidence to support any FBI conspiracy against trump and there is no evidence to say that Bill Clintons meeting with Loretta Lynch in 2016 was more than just a meeting..And thats no lie...Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

No one knows where Pasley gets such such crazy notions about hard drives bleached, hardware smashed and cyber security violations, probably from fox fake news. Pretty sure i know about missing emails. Hes talking about Hillary but the FBI investigated that and found she did nothing wrong but im sure he thinks the FBI was covering that up once again thanks to more lies told by fox fake news.. The truth is that trump thinks hes above the law just like nixon did and look what happened to nixon. No man is above the law Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

I can always count on David to open his mouth and spew lies:


Remember, the same FBI who starting an investigation based on illegal and unfounded info are the same who modified reports on Hillary to greatly soften the outcome, which is obstruction.


Let's not forget the famous tarmac meeting:


Sorry Dave, you lose, again.

Jacob Pasley

You mean like forcing the FBI director to re-write findings on cyber security violations so that they appear non-criminal? Is that what you are talking about? 35,000 emails deleted, hard drive bleached, and hardware smashed with a hammer is not obstruction, but being upset about an illegal investigation is? What a warped mind you have!

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