Up until now our nation was very fortunate. In times past we had great leaders when we had a national crisis.

We had Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. We had Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression and World War II. And we had John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis.

But this time around leadership has failed us.

Donald Trump is the worst leader possible in this time of national crisis. He had three months warning on the virus — first being warned back in December. Trump waited three months before doing anything, even going so far as to call the virus a hoax as late as early March. And when he did act, he did nothing again.

Hospitals never did get enough supplies, and there was never enough testing.

And Trump started to blame everyone else for his failures. He blamed the media; he blamed China; he blamed the World Health Organization; and he blamed the governors, all the while saying he did the best job in history.

And now he wants to open up the nation too quickly and kill lots more people. Because Trump played golf for three months and did nothing, we have 50,000 dead and close to 30 million jobless. Yes, this time around our leaders have failed us.

Dan Rau

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

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Rod Wallace

Dung Beatles

David Rau

I could not have have described corrupt Trump any better than you Mr. Bradford and just today fascist Trump said the armed thugs that stormed the Michigan state house were fine people. January can not come soon enough to be rid of the filth that lives in the WH.

Rod Wallace

This cant happen as there are no Dems living in the white house!!! DUH!!!

Walter Bradford

Dear Dan Rau and the rest of America, Trump has played a great game of "Smoke & Mirrors". Outside of that however, he has done very little but chastise governors, Democrats, Media, (except Fox News) The Chinese, W.H.O., and yet he openly said his particular performance rating was 10/10. I have never seen a more Self Serving, Coward in my life, literally. He transferred all the managerial, logistical and responsibility over to state governors, which then caused them to have to compete against one another. The Federal Government is in D.C. for a reason and that is to coordinate policy, devise guidance and offer assistance during a state or states time of need. Think about it, where would my lovely Alabama be if there was no Federal Disaster Relief funding. Where would Nashville, Tennessee be after those horrible Tornadoes destroyed and killed so many fine folks?

Now Trump hasn't any problem inserting his corrupt mind into state politics like "Liberate" "Virginia your gun right are under siege". The Coward could do that through Twitter. He could try tom influence state politics and create animosity between Democratic State Authorities and citizens but he could NOT sign the Defense Appropriations Act to supply Ventilators, COVID-19 Test Kits & Swabs, Non-durable PPE for hospitals and medical facilities. Hey if the Fed is not going to do their job, then why do we need a filthy, lying, cheating, corrupt Trump at the head of government. He curses on live television, he demeans women on audio, he coward out from Vietnam, he daily, reaffirms that lying, cheating and stealing is a'okay if you call it "business" and this is what out next generation of Americans are being exposed to.

Darryl Swindle

Don't hold back, tell us what you really think!

Darryl Swindle

The TDS is strong in this one.

Rod Wallace

Your right Mr Swindle. These Lib's are Dung Beatles. They eat it speak it and poop it!

Daddy Joe

What a pile of garbage and lies.

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