In an Aug. 30 letter, the writer said the deplorable way we treat immigrant families is non-Christian, inhumane, unpatriotic and non-economical. The writer covered the non-Christian and inhumane parts. I would like to address the unpatriotic and non-economical.

Treating these people as non-humans goes against all we stand for, as the inscription on the Statue of Liberty asserts that we should welcome, not hinder, strangers needing a new start in life. So it’s patriotic to treat these people humanely.

About the economical: We have heard in recent years that America’s low birth rate is causing a decrease in the number of persons to fill available jobs, as well as to pay taxes.

We are currently experiencing large numbers of people wishing to become part of the work force of America (I’m talking about immigrants here). Our nation is abusing them, rather than welcoming them, training them and teaching them how to become productive and happy citizens. Our president even wants to build a wall to try to keep them out!

Another thing is happening, which no one wants to imagine: These are people who have reasoning powers, just like most of us. If we continue to treat them as non-humans, I wonder what their attitude will be toward our leaders, laws and our country? We are breeding a generation of potential domestic terrorists!

A person can endure a limited amount of abuse before striking back. Think on these things.

Orris Bullock



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David Rau

Poor old Pasley must be off his meds. He accuse people like me of killing law enforcement people with guns when law enforecement all over the country has asked for a ban on assault weapons, and universal background checks.. And what does Trump do he bows before the NRA and even made it legal to sell guns to the mentally ill! Trump should actually do something besides making phony weather maps with sharpies. Man what a moron we have as President! Sincerely David Rau ,Lawrenceburg

David Rau

The dark soul or lack of a soul has never been more evident among these right wing wackos like Pasley. How can anyone with a soul or a conscience support the actions of a criminal president like Trump? It's been under Trump that seven kids died in his cages. Kids in Trump's cages have to sleep in their own waste and get no soap or toothpaste. Nursing women in Trump's concentration camps have been separated from their babies. Migrant women in Trump's concentration camps are forced to drink from toilets.Hundreds of families in Trump's concentration camps were separated from their kids. Trump's failed wall would have cost 40 billion dollars money we need for roads and bridges or to reduce the now record debt under Trump, not to mention the recession that has been caused by Trump's total inexperience. Stopping people from illegally crossing the border is one thing but treating them like dogs when they are caught is not Christian and un american.... Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

It's ok dave, my evilness will never compare to yours. You lie, lie, lie, then lie some more just to be safe. Easily refutable lies at that. Such lies that have caused people to attack our honorable law enforcement with bombs and bullets on a weekly basis now. These "concentration camps" you lie about were started by your buddy Hussein Obama, only Trump cleaned them up and made them livable.

FYI, you don't have a clue what it means to be "Christian". You are the most un-Godly person I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Your TDS is not an excuse for lying.

Jacob Pasley

Imagine that, yet another liberal who can't understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Is it a lack of intelligence or a willful ignorance that creates this disconnect? Either way, it shows how detached from reality the left truly is.

Imagine someone breaking into your home, then you feed them, give them a place to live, provide medical care, educate them, let them have kids on your property, all at your own expense. That sounds appalling to you? Takes a warped mind to see it that way.

Paul Kersey

The derangement of liberals is complete.

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