At the State of the Union address on Feb. 4, Nancy Pelosi completely disgraced herself. Throughout President Trump’s speech, she threw a temper-tantrum, just like a little baby.

She was so angry that Trump didn’t shake her extended hand (which apparently he didn’t see) that she sulked throughout the speech. Rather than listening to the speech, she became a distraction — so much so that she became the center of attention.

As the speech proceeded, she continuously fumbled with the speech that Trump gave her. She would read a while and then hold the speech up in the air. She was constantly mumbling and fidgeting, as if she didn’t know what to do with herself, unlike Vice President Mike Pence, who sat quietly and listened intently.

By reading instead of being still and listening, I think she was trying to get ahead of the game so she could signal her minions when to stand and shout, especially the women in white.

To make matters worse, she showed her disrespect to all those in the audience, as well as the ones mentioned by Trump for special praise, by dividing up the speech (an official document) in four layers and then tearing each layer apart. She then threw the torn speech down on the desk as if it were a piece of garbage.

Talking about somebody who should be thrown out of office, well, she should be.

She and her underlings have been trying to undermine and impeach the president since the day he was elected.

Tom Jones


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David Rau

So happy to have seen Nancy Pelosi not bow down to the want to be dictator Trump. She has a right to her own opinion on crooked Trump the worst and most corrupt President in American History. Corrupt Trump is guilty of 5 crimes and in his latest budget he wants 22 billion to go back to the moon for no reason. Besides that he wants to cut money from social security, and medicare ,wants to get rid of the superfund that cleans up polluted streams and lands. And if that's not bad enough he wants to sell TVA to private power which would result in our electric rates doubling. All of this shows how out of touch Trump is. But Nancy stands in his way she and the Democrats in the Congress will stop Trump again. I say go Nancy go.

joe hurst

So much false info and outright lies from the left. Corona virus has nothing on the severe TDS you have....

Jacob Pasley

Nothing like seeing a bunch of liberated women being told what to wear, when to stand, when to sit, when to clap, and when to jeer. Was a wonderful sight to behold. I'm pretty sure the irony of the situation and liberal batcrappery were not missed by the average American voter.

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