For several years, fact-checking journalists have published the daily output of proven lies by our president.

Similarly, a recently published report stated that several hundred prosecuting attorneys, representing both sides of the political aisle, all signed a statement that actions by our president, were he to be tried as a private citizen rather as sitting president, would easily be enough to convict him as a criminal.

If that weren’t enough, when I read the Mueller report, there is unmistakable evidence that Russia has been and is actively involved in illegal cyber warfare with our country to undermine our electoral process, create positive images of Donald Trump and negative of his adversaries, ie, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, etc.

Our president repeatedly has shown disregard and disgust with our country’s intelligence community, at the same time he honors the lies of our enemies (Russia, North Korea, China). A word he uses against his enemies is appropriate here: treason!

So, there you have it: A lying, treasonous, criminal serving as president of the United States!

Let’s hear it like he likes to stir up his base at his rallies: “Cast him down! Lock Lyin’ Donald up! Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Orris Bullock



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Adam Scott

I agree with you Jacob. Facts mean nothing to the left. I believe the left is jealous of Trumps success and will do anything even if it’s bad for the country to stop him. Best President this country has ever had.

David Rau

I think its wonderful that so many people are writing into this forum about trumps crimes and his mental problems. Yes its true that our president is a traitor to his country he even tried to destroy NATO to please his buddy putin. And the man is totally incompetent he tore up the Iran Treaty crafted by John Kerry and now once again Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. Trump has put our whole national security at risk and now wants a war with Iran. And his incompetence might damage the Alabama gulf coast..He has allowed deep oil drillers in the gulf to remove blowout protecton on their rigs. The only part of the economy that is doing good is uemployemnt and we have Obama to thank for that when he pushed through the stimulus back in 2009.. Wages are stagnant and 41% of families today cannot even meet a 400 expense..Trump has done nothing to help the economy he only pushed through a tax cut for the rich...And now Trumps incompentence threatens jobs the US chamber of commerce says that his latest tarrifs on China will cost 3 million jobs and cost each family 800 dollars..With such a dismal record like trumps there is not much chance of his re election.. sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

The ramblings of a TDS sufferer don't mean much in the real world. Best times this country has seen in many, many decades since Trump took office. Enjoy the next 6 years, they will be the best of your miserable life.

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