The TimesDaily’s “One View” April 8 was titled, “We can’t afford for truth to be a casualty.” With “truth” in the title a person may think that the complete “truth” would be found in the comments!

The One View noted above contained the following comments: “It is disturbing, then, to see an American military commander punished for telling the truth. Crozier wrote a letter to between 20 and 30 people up and down the naval chain of command seeking help for his crew, several of whom were diagnosed with COVID-19. According to reports, he took this measure after going through normal command channels failed to yield action.”

The now former Secretary of the Navy stated: Capt. Crozier decided to send an email letter and copy that email to a large list of other people who were not in the Chain of Command and sent it up the Chain of Command, skipping people who were in the Chain of Command.

Also by going public valuable information was provided to those who are not our friends.

I agree with the decision to remove Capt. Brett E. Crozier as commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. At the Naval Academy, Cadet Crozier was made aware of the chain of command but chose to ignore at a critical time. This is why he was removed.

I also agree with the Navy Secretary resigning for his comments after the firing.

Bill Smoak


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David McFarland

Except he *didn't* skip the Chain of Command. He sent it to *ten* people, not the 20-30 that Modly lied about. It WAS on a secure e-mail chain, so he didn't violate OPSEC.

He send it to three admirals within his Chain of Command, and copied other high-ranking officers within his chain of command.

Even if he hadn't:

1 - Modly said he was okay with the e-mail the day before. He said he was being removed for acting too hastily, even though no one cared for two days prior to. It was only when the letter leaked that anyone cared. They cared about publicity. Modly removed him for acting hastily, then the next day when he started getting bad press he made up the story about e-mailing twice-to-thrice as many people as he actually did using channels Crozier didn't actually use. He flat out made up the "skipping the chain of command" bit to cover himself.

2 - So many were decrying Crozier's having "taken out an American warship," as if having significant numbers of your crew too weak to operate the warship wouldn't have done so. He pulled the ship into port, which is far from abnormal. He didn't leak the letter, so he isn't to blame for "letting the world know." If you want to get technical, the crew is able to report to the ship within a few hours, which is faster than a typical port-call, so what he did was actually the least-impactful to Naval Readiness that could have been achieved; two weeks later, had he done nothing, you'd see the ship being required to pull in anyway - Reactor Department was heavily affected, and if you can't man those watches, guess what? You shut down. They'd be pulling in on one reactor plant, which *isn't done.* Last time anyone did anything close to that, Japan had just been hit by a 9.1 Earthquake and subsequent tsunami. That's the level of severity we're talking about with a COVID-19 pandemic on the ship. I've been on a carrier with an epidemic. It isn't pretty.

Crozier was not removed for any reason that was ever actually given.

He was removed because someone else made Modly look bad. It wasn't even Crozier who did it.

Walter Bradford

Captain Crozier is a Flag Officer and he has had the confidence of The US Navy or he would not be commander of one of the most powerful Nuclear Ships in the world. I was nothing more than a Junior Officer Commander of a line company. So our responsibilities, authorities and opportunities differ greatly. I've read about his attempts to acquire help for his ship's company, it was all according to command protocol and normal procedure. The one added opportunity a Unit Commander has, at all times is his discretionary latitude. His rank is not that of a Choir Boy. If in his estimation the ability of his command was in danger by it's mission, support or command guidance, and he can document his prior attempts to rectify the matter and is either ignored or rebuffed, he then has every right to appeal and seek the next higher command authority for their command guidance. Capt. Crozier had every right and actually he was responsible to act as he did because his command could have been in danger thus causing his ability to accomplish his mission in a combat environment compromised. At the time of this very incident, not even Trump would admit the truth of what was gripping America. Crozier was not playing that game, he truly cared for his command and took his responsibility to accomplish his mission to heart. I therefore agree with all that he did and, further so did the Navy or they would NOT have considered him for reactivation and reassignment to The Roosevelt. I remember Trump answering a question about Captain Crozier's dismissal, his response was, I think I'll have to get involved. So sir, I respectfully have to disagree with your assessment of the COVID-19 incident in the manner of Captain Crozier's conduct but I understand and appreciate your position. Stay Safe Everyone, Walter A. Bradford

David Rau

If removing Captain Crozier was the right decision then why now is the Navy saying that Captain Crozier will be reinstated?

Da Wo

Because this nobody is full of it, and writes a story after the fact, pretending he can predict the future. Typical horseshit "leader".

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