Just listen to the CNN and media assessments of the Senate hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr; they are proving to all of us how dishonest and distorted their reporting is.

Americans know that Adam Schiff and other corrupt Democrats and players want to see Barr taken down because now the real truth is about to come out to the world (on) how Clinton/Obama, some FBI and others were involved in the corrupt creation of the phony dossier that led to the FISA report.

We all know those involved, including many in the media, are guilty of a conspiracy to destroy President Donald Trump. The more they push the lies, and the more they continue these Senate hearings, the more they turn us viewers against them and we see them for what they are.

That’s why they want Barr to resign. They are a bunch of scared rats trying to stop Barr from investigating them.

Thanks Dems and media for confirmation to all the world of how you are and what you are. Your biggest mistake is you thought the viewers and Americans were stupid. Your ratings will show you how stupid we are.

Paul Sabatino



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David Rau

Mr. Sabatino has it all wrong it was Barr that was selected by Trump because Trump wanted a AG to break the law and try to dig up dirt on Obama and Hillary where there is none. Trump wanted the same thing from Jeff Sessions but Sessions would not break the law for trump. Its not the democrats thats taking down Trump its doing that himself. Trump is guilty of tax evasion , money laundering, obstuction of justice and russian collusion. And today Trump is saying that he has a great deal with mexico on illegals and Mexico says their is none and calls Trump a liar but thats nothing new since its been proven that the lair in chief has told 10 thousand of them.....Sincerely David Rau

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