It seems a former resident of the fair city of Florence attended, or at least applauded, the recent Wine Fest held in Florence. The reference was made that those who did not attend did so out of fear.

I didn’t attend because of common sense...better informed minds than mine in the health care field, state and federal government and clergy throughout this country have advised us all to limit outdoor activity, remain distant from others physically, and to monitor any possible disease, no matter how simple or acute.

No, it’s out of concern for individuals in this country that we will hopefully contain a very communicable disease and therefore be the better for it in the long run.

This is not Ebola, Aids or mad cow, but it is a detriment to this society and world, which those of us will do our best to combat through proper medical care and rest.

I would like the letter writer to confront any of the SEC coaches, as he so adroitly referred, and tell them that they are carrying on like “small children” when hundreds of student athletes are in their care, day in and day out, trusted by countless parents and administrators to do what is right. You may want to start right here at UNA and offer them the same challenge.

While the Wine Fest activities were carried on in an untimely manner, and could have been postponed, there is no need to applaud them for taking that risk.

Daniel Penny


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Walter Bradford

I'd like to add another vein of thought to this post. Hospitals around the nation are beginning to assess their upcoming ethical obligations regarding who to save and whom not to save. This is under the overall medical term of resuscitation for those folks stricken by the pandemic coronaviru/CODVIL-19 severely. It is under review now because the medical community fears running out of basic protective equipment for the medical professionals who would need to revive a victim. So folks talk about playing with fire, this is it. I recall just as recently as March 12, 2020 Alabamians were not impressed by the pandemic. They viewed this as just one more attempt by Democrats and their accomplice "Fake News" at one more attempt at harming Trump. Then somemthing changed and did so literally overnight, Governor Kay Ivey declare a State Emergency and almost simultaneously Lauderdale County had it's first infection. Today, 3/26/2020 we have our second infection in the county and the nation has a 60,000 confirmed cases and over 800 confirmed deaths. Now is a wine tasting all that important to folks?? And further, what happens if Trump maintains his desire to put Americans back to work? Are you willing to die for Trump's vision of granduer as a self-described, "Wartime Leader"? I'm not and I don't care who doesn't agree with me. Reminds me of a scene out of the 1970 Movie Epic, "Patton" Soldiers see Patton drive by in a command vehicle and talk about his then popular nickname "Old Blood & Guts". One solder turns to the other and wryly states, "Yeah, His guts, out blood!" Friends here in Florence, make the right decision, think of your familiy's future if something were to cause you to become ill or worse you died, Would dying for the US Economy really be that heroic, necessary or timely? And really this knee-jerk decision flies diametrically in the face of the original position of staying home, staying the course, no groups of more than (10) people, staying away from bars, theaters and such. Whay would we risk all of that positive response time only to throw it away two weeks later? Your life comes once, never again, don't waste your most precious gift on the whim of a man won't even know your name, whose own family is being protected and shielded from any contact with anyone not previously tested for the disease multiple times a day. Will you be treated that way? Not hardly!

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