Seeking a final solution to immigration

According to the current regime, a fetus is a legal person, which is to say a human being, whereas a child conceived outside of the United States is illegal and therefore not human.

So if a refugee arrives pregnant, we must deny her an abortion, then take the child away to be concentrated with others of its kind in a camp. See how that works?

If a child arrives already born, we must rip them from their parents, quite literally from their mothers’ breasts, to leave them packed in squalid cages with strangers, without schools or soap or a proper meal, much less a lawyer, and definitely no flu shots.

By concentrating these non-humans in such conditions, we ensure that disease and mismanagement take care of the weak while we think up creative ways to dispose of the rest.

It is the least they deserve for being so irresponsible, and for speaking languages other than English.

Now the Trump administration proposes to take over the entire business of concentrating these illegal non-humans, shutting off the camps from any checks or balances of any kind. That is when the real work to end immigration – a final solution to the problem – can begin.

So we shall be talking about these camps, and the concentration of illegal nonpersons in them, for a very long time. But remember not to call them “concentration camps,” as that phrase triggers some folks, which is a mean thing to do.

Matt Osborne



(2) comments

David Rau

Your spot on Mr. Osborne Trump the most corrupt President ever is responsible for all the horrors in your letter. The man is either just nuts or he takes great pleasure with the sufferings of others. I think maybe its both. Don't be hesitate in calling his camps concentration camps because that's truly what they are. It's a good think that we will be rid of this fool in January 2021 but he can do and i think will do much damage before then. Sincerely David Rau

Lana McDonald

So on point guys! And many of the “religious conservatives” love some Trump soooo much and he is the most opposite from JESUS than any other president in history!

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