My liberal friends tell me I have nothing to fear from “democratic” socialism since it expresses the will of the people; hence the word “democratic.”

I beg to differ.

Socialism is merely an extension of the regulatory welfare state we already suffer. Once their statist programs are launched those who benefit will always vote to keep their benefits. Get enough programs up and running and eventually there are enough people at the government trough to make a majority.

How much do they cost? Who knows. How well do they work? Who cares. What counts is that they have enough votes to make a majority.

Sorry, but using the adjective “democratic” doesn’t make me feel any better.

Look, tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. If the majority of the people vote to take away my rights that is not OK with me. If the majority vote to take away my property, that is not OK either.

The founding fathers loaded the Constitution with checks and balances precisely to protect our freedoms from, among others, the majority. Those checks and balances have eroded over the past several decades placing those freedoms at risk.

I fear democratic socialism precisely because I fear the majority.

Ron Helgemo



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David Rau

Poor Pasley really needs to keep up. Wage growth in the US is 2.9% which is not even keeping up with inflation. And the IRS says middle income earners had to pay for bozo Trumps phony tax cut, the IRS says middle income earners paid 90 billion more in fed. tax this year which means middle income earners had a tax increase but of course Pasley gets all his news from fake Fox news.

Jacob Pasley

40% of union members voted republican in 2016, up 7% from the previous election. As the older die hard union democrats die off, that number will just keep on going up. They are finally weening themselves off the blue coolaid, their eyes have been opened to the evils of liberalism, and it's about time!

David Rau

Fascist Republicans want to take everything from you plus the fruits of your labor if you have a job. The fascist Republicans don't believe in collective bargaining or unions, they want you to work for peanuts. The fascist republicans hate the very idea of a minimum wage. They really want people to work for slave wages. The fascist Republicans don't want you to be safe in the work place they hate OSHA regulations and they won't support a ban on assault weapons or universal background checks on handguns so you can't feel safe in the workplace. The fascist republicans want to destroy Obama Care and leave you at the mercy of greedy insurance companies that want to pick your pocket. Also the fascist republicans don't want you to have any family medical leave to take care of a sick family member . So you see with these fascist Republicans you lose it all. If the fascist republicans had their way no one would want a job at all. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

And yet wages are rising under Republicans as well as taxes being lowered. Those ol greedy fascist democrats want big government, big taxes, and big welfare systems since nobody will be hiring if they take over. Those sorry low down fascist democRATS, sorry to the core.

We can all sit back and enjoy these Trump years, the best we've seen in many decades. Thank you righteous Republicans.

Jacob Pasley

Socialists want to take everything you have, except your job.

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