The left-wing media claims the killing of Qasem Soleimani could push America into a war with Iran. Nonsense! We have been at war — “Death to America” — since Jimmy Carter shamelessly let them hold 52 American citizens for 444 days.

Tyrants cower the weak but fear the strong, i.e. (Ronald) Reagan.

Iranians weep at the assassination of this puppet master, who was a key element in the destabilizing policies of the Middle East and the force behind the terror groups like Hezbollah that have killed countless citizens and U.S. soldiers, but by using proxies the blood of innocents never sullied his hands.

Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and Obama knew it when he clandestinely transferred to them $150 billion in cash, the only all cash transfer of its kind in the history of the world.

In doing so, he was indirectly aiding and abetting the killing of innocents in the blood-drenched Middle East, but was never held accountable.

Gen. Soleimani is described by admirers as just a hapless official, a Mother Teresa type who meant no harm to anyone, and should therefore be idolized. The truth is, he was an evil man and his death should cause no repercussions throughout the civilized world.

There is no reason to believe his death will stop the bloodshed he orchestrated. Why should it? It was going on long before Soleimani existed.

Alfred Farris

Muscle Shoals

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(2) comments

David Rau

More lies from right wing waco's No one is shedding a tear over Solemanis death but the real reason that Trump went after him was to take the public's attention from crooked Trumps trial in the senate. But the public was not fooled polls show that the people thinks Obama's policy with Iran was better. Also the money that was sent to Iran under Obama for them singing the treaty was their own money that we had held since 1979. Also Obama did not send them cash countries do not deal in cash. This whole mess with Iran was caused by Trump when he tore up the treaty with Iran for no reason. Iran was abiding by the treaty even our own CIA said so. Trump tore it up and now some where down the road we will pay the price. Sometime in the future we will have to fight Iran in a major war that will kill thousands of young americans all thanks to the incompetence of Trump. We cannot allow Iran to get the bomb because if they ever did they would use it on someone. Maybe you parents and grandparents should think about your kids and grandkids dying in a war with Iran before you vote for incompetent Trump again.

Jacob Pasley

If dim's reactions to this tyrants death doesn't open your eyes to their true evilness and hatred for America, nothing will.

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