Sometimes love means saying ‘no’

Two recent letters have labeled our border security as non-Christian, inhumane, unpatriotic and non-economical.

The last letter decried how at some point these people might even rise up becoming potential domestic terrorists if we don’t give them everything we’ve got.

As to the non-Christian aspect: Is it non-Christian to ask that people obey the laws of our land? If they come knowingly breaking our laws, do we really expect them to be law abiding?

Is it non-Christian to expect people coming here to merge into our melting pot of a country? Is it non-Christian to expect them to work for a living rather than expect the country to support them simply because their feet touched our soil?

As to being inhumane: We put them in detention centers to await court proceedings (detention centers built for a few hundred while they show up by the thousands) and of those released, only 10 percent show up for court.

Inhumane is dragging kids across thousands of desert miles without food or shelter. We spend billions for housing, food, and medical care for the illegals while thousands of homeless veterans and poor citizens sleep on the streets. What about the American dreamers?

We are to love our neighbors, but sometimes love means saying “no.” Being free means being responsible; it means being a good steward of that freedom.

We are rapidly becoming a country where everyone does what is good in his own sight. There are dire warnings in the Bible about that.

Michael Darling



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Gary Wylie

Personally I don't think a single one of our elected representatives in DC are worthy of a minute's worth of defense; they seem to all be committing crimes and illegalities faster than we can keep up with them... on both sides of that imaginary aisle! Not a nickel's worth of difference between them, yet they all criticize the 'other side' for their offenses, probably while doing the same or worse themselves! KICK THEM ALL OUT... is our only alternative. If an honest ethical person were to show up in DC after being elected, it seems it only takes a few months before they are as corrupt as all the others...

David Rau

Speaking of not being able to distinguish reality from fantasy you can always count on Pasley to put his foot in his mouth. I got a big laugh when he said the Trump years will be the best and most prosperous in american history. Trump has been nothing but a joke from his first day in office..Enviromentally economically, morally and with a failed foreign policy Trump is the worst pres, ever with the lowest iq and now has the worst ratings. Speaking of immigration just today the Pentagon stopped construction on Trump's failed wall because of huge cost overruns what a bozo Trump is. Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

Once again illegal immigrants are being demonized. That was started by Trump to scare people into voting for him. These people now say that the demonization of these immigrants is moral and christian to do. The facts are that people cross the border with their kids because they are desperate for a better life..They come here and get work doing dirty jobs that most Americans won"t do. And we do not spend billions to support them in fact we spend very little to do so, but it would cost 40 billion for Trumps failed wall, a 2000 mile wall that could never be guarded..Also these so called Christians are silent about Trump the most corrupt and immoral president in our history. In the future historians will ask how people in out time could have been so blind and ignorant? I think by that time some of these so called Christians will look back with shame with what they said and did. sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Ol' dumb dave can't distinguish reality from fantasy, once again. Stating facts is not equal to "demonizing" anyone. Ol Dave's strategy is the same as all other liberals, when they disagree they immediately turn to the "victimhood" offense in order to shut down any conversation on the subject. It's a tool used by the weak minded, which is understandable in Dave's case, since he really doesn't have any other option. History will indeed show these Trump years to be among the most prosperous and happy times of American history. It will also show that those among us who are intent on destroying this country have one thing in common, they all vote democrat.

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