Once the forced birth lobby has succeeded in its longtime pursuit of legislation to establish “personhood” at the moment of conception, I have an important question. Who will enforce this law against the largest single abortion provider on the planet, namely nature, or nature’s god?

At least half of all fertilized zygotes are expelled from the uterus without ever implanting themselves in the lining. So if the “person” exists from the moment sperm and egg meet, this means that half or more of all such “persons” are spontaneously aborted.

Contraception methods such as birth control pills and intrauterine devices actually prevent fertilization, so fewer zygotes spontaneously abort. Thus “personhood” legislation which might affect these contraception methods would have the perverse effect of killing more unborn “persons” rather than reducing abortion rates.

Of course, this is all based on scientific reality, which is hardly in vogue these days. To enforce such laws in a fair and effective manner would require arresting the divine being, or perhaps filing liens against His properties, which are all currently tax-free.

Perhaps the legislators of Alabama will simply choose to ignore this problem as they pursue the forced birth agenda. Given how little care they have for children who are outside the womb, consistency is clearly not their strong point, anyway.

I look forward to seeing the good Christian folk of Alabama sort this one out.

Matt Osborne



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Doug McBurney

Abortion due to the fallen state of the universe is different than killing an innocent defenseless baby you evil heathen. The Living God will impress that difference upon you for eternity should you not repent of your murders.

David Rau

The big danger from passing a personhood law is that all forms of birth control will also become illegal. Thats the next step in the radical antil abortion movement. And if anyone should doubt that all you have to do is ask one of these radicals they will proudly tell you thats the next step in their agenda. Why would anyone want to roll back the clock one hundred years? Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

It takes a special kind of stupidity to equate a natural demise to murder. What a warped/twisted mind to believe such nonsense, much less actually put it down in writing. Pitiful desperation.

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