State must deal with infant mortality

Babies born in Alabama are more likely to die than babies born in many Third World nations. Our infant and maternal mortality rate (mothers dying after giving birth) are the worst in the nation.

Instead of addressing the problem of people lacking access to the health care they need, our Republican state representatives chose to focus on an abortion ban (wanting to be famous for passing the bill that gets to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe).

While our state senators await their medals for “most extreme Republican,” our Democratic U.S. senator, Doug Jones, is actually doing something about the death of babies in Alabama.

Jones demonstrates a way of leading that I personally like to see in my representatives — seeking out solutions to real problems we face; consulting experts and community members; and all coming to the table for intelligent, problem-solving discussion.

Jones introduced bills directly addressing the Alabama infant and maternal mortality crisis, including a bill that would allow mothers to stay on Medicaid for up to one year after having a child (paid for by increasing the cigarette tax and closing tobacco-regulation loopholes).

Jones supports expanding Medicaid in Alabama, explaining that around 300,000 Alabamians would gain coverage under the expansion, which would also boost our economy around $2 billion.

“We’re going to continue to push,” Jones said before asking the doctors on a panel to discuss the issues they see facing rural health care and patients.

Lori Feldman



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David Rau

A problem that will only get worse under Trump. Health care in the USA is not the best and is far too expensive. States like Alabama and Tennessee won't expand medicare and that's killing people. Republicans in Tennessee and Alabama have blood on their hands. Trump tried to kill the affordable care act and would have but John McCain god bless him stopped him in his tracks Trump has no health care plan and never did have one He simply only cares for the big insurance companies. and big pharma. The ceo's of thses companies are making million each year off of other peoples suffering. And its already been said if Trump was to win a second term (which he won;t) his aim is to destroy medicare. And abortion has been legal since 1973 and will stay that way. Why do some people want to take away a womans right to control her own body? One wonders? Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

The basis of your letter is from 2016 data. More recent data suggests otherwise:

You also claim that Republicans are not addressing this issue, that is also not true:

One thing I do know, more babies die from abortion than any other disease, genetic defect, drug usage, accident, or lack of health care combined. Please tell me again, who supports abortion?

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