HB491 stands in flagrant disregard of reproductive rights and spreads scientifically impossible scenarios to further political maneuvering and pander to forced birth advocates in ways unconstitutional and reprehensible.

This bill is based on information that is blatantly false and incendiary.

Gov. Kay Ivey, Rep. Phillip Pettus and Sen. Larry Stutts should be aware that their progressive constituents know who these abortion laws are looking to further disregard and disenfranchise — all women, especially low-income women, women of color, and our trans brothers as well.

The Alabama Legislature is actively seeking to waste taxpayers' money to become mired in legal battles that we did not ask for and do not want.

Further, they are attempting to set civil rights and freedoms back decades.

These bills, this language and behavior is inexcusable and unsustainable.

Brittany Flory



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David Rau

Absolutely a Woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy especially if her pregnancy was caused by rape or incest..These Bible thumpers try to use the Bible to write crazy laws which proves the point of why seperation of church and state is so important, do they really want our country to be a theocracy like what Iran has where a religion rules the government? The fight against abortion is nothing but an attack on Womens rights and they don't want to stop there the next step for these people is to stop all forms of birth control and if you doubt just last week Clarence Thomas on the supreme court wrote an opinion that birth conrtol was nothing but a tool of Eugenics and Planned Parenthood to limit the birth of black babies. I think that Gary Wylie should read his Bible and then try to justify the actions of Donald Trump the most immoral man ever to be the president. Sincerely David Rau

Gary Wylie

Brittany Fleury seems to feel that 'any pregnant lady' should have the RIGHT to terminate a pregnancy, and doesn't seem to understand that when she does that, she is forever teminating the rights (and life) of the unborn human being - the baby. This is equivalent to murder of an unborn innocent child and they cannot speak for themselves. Our governor and legislature are not attempting to limit the God-given rights of anyone; instead they are attempting to preserve the God-given rights of the unborn. I suggest Brittany and others who feel the way she does spend a little time reading the Bible and thinking of the unborn baby rather than themselves!

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