Recently in my daily reading, I came across this is from “The Word for You Today” by Bob Gass. I was so impressed that I felt it must be shared. It is titled “Don’t Go There!”

Today, some folks are advocating the idea of legalizing certain drugs, such as marijuana, for recreational use. But the idea has already been tried, and it failed disastrously.

In the late 1980s, the Swiss set aside city property in Zurich where addicts could legally shoot up and where free needles were provided, hoping to slow the spread of AIDS. The area of Platzspitz became known as “Needle Park.”

Almost overnight the number of drug users visiting the park soared from 200 to 20,000. Ten thousand “consumption events” occurred per day, as users from all over Switzerland came to get in on the fun. They soon outnumbered the local population.

The death rate went through the roof as health officials had to resuscitate as many as 50 overdose cases per day. And the crime rate, instead of decreasing, went through the roof, too.

City officials finally called off the experiment and closed the park. Almost immediately the crime rate dropped to its former levels. The program ended in total failure.

When God says to you, “Don’t go there,” it’s because He loves you and wants only the best for you. So be wise, listen to Him, and don’t go there!

May God give us strong leaders who are wise enough to follow the laws our nation was built upon!

Jim A. Thacker



(2) comments

David Rau

Poor deluded Pasley will never understand that it was liberals that built this country since the days of FDR and the New Deal.And how can anyone talk about someone having common decency and support a totally corrupt individual like Trump the most indecent and morally bankrupt President of all time?

Jacob Pasley

The only way to promote liberal policies is to turn off common sense and common decency. Once enacted, it will most certainly end badly. Many, many current examples of this today in liberal controlled communities.

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