So far, as best I can gather, there have been 387 police injured. Some have been very seriously injured.

In addition two police have been killed.

This has all been part of the recent riots in the streets. The police are not our enemies.

John Sworm


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David Rau

Joe its you that supports a President that because he did nothing for 3 months to stop the virus coming here 112,000 Americans are dead. Trump just played golf for 3 months and now 46 million Americans are jobless. Trump ordered the tear gassing of peaceful protestors in the streets of DC for a photo op and then hid in a bunker for 2 nights like a coward. He has done all that and you support him right down the line and you call me a disgusting human being?

David Rau

I don't need to move to Seattle Rod Wallace police depts all over the nation are weeding themselves of their killer cops now and corrupt, bunker boy Trump has been made irrelevant in the process.

David Rau

Don't know where Mr. Sworm is getting his news but there have been no police killed during the protest and if they received any injuries it was maybe a blister from hitting people over the head with a billy club. Unfortunately the police have proven themselves the enemy in many cities. More and more images of police beatings of mostly innocent people are coming to light every single day.


Its definitely not the fake news you follow there Dung Beatle! Get a life and crawl back under the Cow Patty from where you came. Of move to Seattle where you'll be right at home.

Daddy Joe

You are simply an uninformed, disgusting excuse for a human being.

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