The Lauderdale County Commission and Florence officials are playing children’s games when it comes to the relocation of the Confederate monument.

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(12) comments

David Rau

When I was in college in the 70s I thought we were making progress and racism was receding ,imagine my surprise when i went to work for a company in 1979 that I found out that was not the case. I ran into many people like Patrick Stroupe that were ardent racist. As confederate monuments to traitors are coming down all over the nation we here in Tennessee and Alabama refuse to change. Even as Virginia and Georgia and North Carolina turn away from the most racist President since Wilson people in Tennessee and Alabama still embrace President Cheeto. People in Alabama and Tennessee won't even wear masks to save their own lives.Until people in Tennessee and Alabama make a change then we will continue to fall further behind the rest of the nation.

Patrick stroupe

Its still funny to me that before all this Floyd/Brooks nonsense came up, nobody's ever protested around here, or complained about confederate flags or statues. What's happening is the TV is showing you a bunch of people who seem to be getting publicity and special treatment, being taught that getting out in the road and acting a fool is how to get your way, so if we must put it into perspective, the TV/internet news is actually just teaching black youths to be morons. maybe get your faces up out of those phones for a couple weeks and see how different your world changes. The news is feeding you a bunch of bull and exaggerations. you're all spoiled, bored, never suffered a day in your life, you're just seeing people on TV getting attention and you want it too. And what's curious to me is the white protestors who try to get in on it, like we don't know what they're really doing (sucking up because they're scared) , and they try to compile "LGBTQ" alongside the "BLM", and that just doesn't add up because I know several blacks who abhor gays, and gays who abhor blacks (and other races and nationalities). I've also witnessed blacks at some work places I've been in , cursing and making slurs at mexicans and racial remarks on chinese as well, so if we're going to talk about "Racism" lets make it a little less one sided. ,,,,then what's really funny is when the liberal rainbow pride brigade (lol) ...they're always badmouthing christians' religion, albeit most of our blacks are christians, and then they'll go trying to pull some muslims in to join their side of the argument.....thinking southern white people are scared of them or something, failing to understand that muslims do not play that.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Stroupe I read your piece and I understand your anger and resentment regarding the CSA monument. Project Say Something has an inherent right, under the 1st Amendment in our very own Constitution guaranteeing Free Speech and Freedom of expression with very minor exclusions. Graffiti on Public Property being one of those exclusions.

Mayor Holt was acting responsibly and genuinely. Downtown Business Owners, even during this business crushing pandemic have pledged $25,000.00 of their hard earned and even harder to maintain revenue in assisting with the project.

But there were overriding legal complications that arose which apparently The Town of Florence nor Project Say Something never expected. One was Lauderdale County Commissioners refusing to issue a legally binding document giving The Town of Florence the permission to take the statue down from The County Courthouse property, owned and managed by "Lauderdale" and two, the lawsuit that was filed by local residents to interdict any further actions on a monument relocation project. The suit also levels criminal allegations of impropriety against Mayor Holt for only doing the job of being a representative for all Florence Citizens and trying to balance modern day civilities with modern day laws and regulations. If Mayor Holt had genuinely been out to profit illegally from this venture, I'm sure he would have not advertised it nor would he have held a series of public discussions regarding the project. Those allegations against the mayor are I believe mean spirited but we all must wait for a judge to rule on the matter since that is the law our the land.

A renegade member of Project Say Something unilaterally decided however that (he/she) sic. had the unilateral right to deface the monument with chalk one evening and the presiding constabulary did not enforce the law which prohibits such vandalism and childish tactics with a $25,000.00 fine and/or Incarceration. The ignorance leveled by that one person towards this piece of Public Property whether she likes it or not is illegal. The Law Enforcement at the scene should have arrested the person and she should have been tried and at a minimum banned from any further events to do with the monument because it appears she does not know how to act responsibly in public, as a civilized human being. I even wonder since the person was a known, active member of Project Say Something if they too should have, could have been penalized monetarily for the actions of their lone member.

There have been allegations reported on live television that the KKK, and some unnamed White Nationalist group(s) have threatened the Project, it's members and have vowed retaliation should the monument be moved. If those people have threatened the Project, STOP! Through your own tactics of intimidation you are throwing VICTORY right to the Project. And your tactics are illegal, offensive and outdated. Americans do not want this sort of criminal behavior being used against any one or any group! If you have a real need to express your anger about this impending event, Act responsibly, show your faces, march with your signs, logos, beliefs in a responsible manner peacefully is the name of the game.

Liberals have not invented violence nor Socialism just as the Far Right has not invented Fascism. And to both protesters be responsible even further, wear masks, keep safe distancing. The pandemic has become far deadlier now and is taking away 1,000 Americans each week now, I know this monument is not worth dying for, there is no romanticism just Stupidity! Walter A. Bradford Florence

David Rau

Not a chance in #### that fake President Cheetos face will ever be on Mt. Rushmore but a very good chance his face will be in prison next year for his treason and his other four crimes

Adam Scott

Daddy Joe. Ignor him like I do. He’s a troll. BTW, in addition to putting a statue of Trump in every state we should, with taxpayers money, add his face to Mt. Rushmore. Best president ever.

Walter Bradford

I'd like to reply to Hope Buckley's original post that indicates should she or other modern day social ethics groups don't get their way, then the lack of action or speed of said action indicates hate, racism and "false narratives". Hmm, sounds more like a blanket condemnation of White America for not cow-towing when ordered to do so?

There is so little White America is allowed to claim now without being condemned as being Racist, Hateful, White Nationalists' or KKK

I am all for the relocation of the CSA/Civil War monument but apparently there are others who are not. Thus they have launched a Civil Lawsuit which no doubt will include an injunction request to protect the statue from being altered in any way by anyone. Does Hope Buckley deny they have a legal right the fight? Does she demand they Cease & Desist because black people are inherently portrayed as the Eternal Victim and white Americans are always portrayed as the Insensitive, Evil Aggressor, the Racist, Bigot a Neanderthalian Lowbrow-knuckledragger.

It's not up to Project Say Something to make a sole determination as to the disposition of this statue. It appears that the statue is owned by Florence with the grounds the statue sits on being county. Both assets then would be considered "Public Property", I would suggest? Which means both governmental entities must abide by the law and Ms. Buckley just because you do not like that development doesn't mean this decision should be determined by you and your emotions. It means there is a "due process" that must be followed because the whole matter concerns ownership, a potential criminal/civil law violation, Hereditarily Standing and the well being of the local area. not just "P.S.S.".

Ms. Buckley have you ever wondered why the "new" twisty phrase, "people of color", has been introduced when it was formerly used as "Colored People"? Have you ever wondered why that very same phrase only includes blacks, browns, tans, yellows BUT no WHITE? Take a look at the International Primary Color Wheel if you really care about inclusion and detest Exclusion you would have to ask yourself why do we not include White Americans in that phrase. Why are they excluded from so much in America. Well Ms. Buckley simply put, the reason is Racist Ideology aimed strictly at White America. Enhanced by a biased Media with the power of distortion. State and federal politicians who could care less about facts and concern themselves with who to get the best reelection chances from. Walter A. Bradford Florence

David Rau

I thought Adam Scott was dumb but i never knew he is that dumb. He cant tell us how President Cheeto became the greatest Pres. of all time or what he did to become that. But I will try to educate him on how he's the worst. President Cheeto is guilty of treason 3 times. He threatened the leader of the Ukraine if he did not dig up phony dirt on biden, he asked the leader of China to help him get reelected and he never said a word as Putin was having Americans killed. He was impeached for the Ukraine deal. He has also broke the law four times, for obstruction of justice, tax evasion, money laundering and abuse of power. And Cheeto has been a total disaster in his policies as President. His tax cut for the rich has resulted in the working man having to pay 90 billion more in fed. tax this year. He cut 1 million poor kids from getting a meal at school and hes tried to cut food stamps for poor Alabama families. Under Presidnt Cheeto 40% of American familes were in poverty before the virus hit, He was first made aware of the effects of the covid virus last November and he did nothing to stop it coming to our shores he did nothing but play golf for 3 months. So far hes killed 150.000 Americans and put 45 million out of work with another 1.4 million becoming jobless just last month. He sent federal goons into American cities to suppress their right to protest which was illegal to do. The same thing Hitler did back in the 30s And now he wants the election postponed because he's losing to Biden so bad. There you are Adam Scott thats why we should never put up a monument to the worst President of all time.

Daddy Joe

More outright lies and fake news from the king of TDS. Only someone with the mental capacity of a 12 year old would constantly refer to the POTUS as "President Cheeto".

James Baker

This is TDS all the way. You only believe your statement because it was in a comic book read only by the democratic party, you know liberials like you. David rau wake up, its the 21 century

Adam Scott

They should put a statue up of President Trump. He has done more good for this country than any other President all the while the news media has spewed falsehoods about him.

Turn Off Fox news

Would you expect anything less from our leadership? These are the same group of old men who pushed a renewal of the two cent gasoline tax when it was set to expire, in order to fund a cattle barn/ basketball court which if anything should have been voted on by the public.

As for the pigeon perch in front of the courthouse, it is said to ' honor' those from the area who fell during the Civil War. If that's the case, why not place it where those gallant men are laid to rest. I would say it would get more attention there, than where it now stands.

Darryl Swindle

The monuments belong to all citizens. Why not put the idea of moving them on a voter ballot?

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