The presence of the League of the South in our county is an embarrassment for all of us.

This organization is based in Killen and is a self-described “southern nationalist” organization whose ultimate goal is “a free and independent Southern republic.”

Much like the Confederate States of America, this group identifies strongly with white supremacy. They claim that “Southern” people are “the descendants of European, Christian peoples who settled the southern region of North America.”

Not only does this categorization exclude Native Americans and African Americans, it includes many recent immigrants who live in our state.

The League of the South uses the very same motto as the Confederacy. They define themselves as “A people bound together by blood and soil” — the same motto used by Nazis. In fact, their entire ideology seems to be taken from this despicable regime.

The League of the South refuses to acknowledge that Native Americans lived here first. They refuse to acknowledge African slavery. They don’t seem to remember that we fought a war to end slavery. They don’t seem to remember that we fought and defeated Nazi Germany as well.

The Confederacy is dead. Nazi Germany is dead. Hopefully, we learned that these were ill-advised attempts to hold on to white supremacy.

There is no room in our current society for antiquated attempts at white nationalism.

Winthrop Armistead



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David Rau

It takes a twisted mind to salute the confederate flag being a Vet i hope Mr. Simms gets the mental help he deserves. The confederate flag stands for racism, hate and treason. There is nothing noble about it. Sincerely David Rau

James Simms

I salute the Confederate Flag with Affection, Reverence, & undying Devotion to the cause for which it stands.

“I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Confederacy, and to the ideals for which it stood and stands: liberty, honor, chivalry, independence, courage, duty, and love of God, family and home”.

“On my honor, I promise never to forget the just Cause to which so many devoted their lives. I promise to do my best to see that their proud history is truly reported and not defamed. May my voice be strong and true as I tell the story of the flag and its people to my children and their children, and all else who will listen”.

“And, if the time comes when the flag requires my defense, may I have the courage, the strength and the honor to defend it at all costs, with all that I have, and all that I am. This I pledge on my sacred word of honor”.

When the USA falls, only the states comprising the Confederacy will still be standing tall & unbowed.

From a 23 year Army Veteran

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