Well, boys and girls, if you ever had any doubts as to the socialist Democrat plan for America if one of their own is elected president, Francis “Beto” O’Rourke finally told the truth for once.

That was likely the first and last time it will ever happen.

O’Rourke told all of America that they are coming for our guns. These people have no regard for our Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Given the opportunity, they will follow through with that threat.

Just remember that next year at election time.

Doyle Lovelace



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David Rau

Yes assault weapons should and will be banned just like they were in the 90s. No one has a need for assault weapons there only purpose is to kill lots of people..Also we must have universal background checks, our current President traitor Trump does nothing but bow down before the NRA. Also the law that bozo Trump signed in 2017 that made it legal for the mentally ill to buy guns must be overturned. Since traitor Trump will be impeached for treason soon I think common sense concerning guns will soon return to the WH. Sincerely David Rau

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