3 things clear from Mueller report

We should remember to focus on the facts in the Robert Mueller report. No one in the GOP is saying that the facts in the report are not facts. What they are doing now is to try to undermine the people who worked very hard to uncover the evidence.

There are three basic facts that came out of the report.

First, Russia interfered with our 2016 election.

Second, Donald Trump and his campaign welcomed Russian assistance to help him get elected.

Third, Trump has obstructed the investigation because he knows that the facts in the report (redacted and unredacted) will ensure that impeachment is the most appropriate action for the first branch of government (legislative branch — House and Senate) to take.

Because it is clear from the redacted version of the Mueller report that Trump has obstructed the investigation, he is doubling down and further obstructing justice, this time in plain sight. And as if that was not enough, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has gone to a foreign government to ask for help in winning the 2020 election.

Again, the lawyer of the President of the United States (POTUS) does this in plain sight. By doing all of this, he is violating the Constitution, which he took as oath to defend.

If you see nothing wrong with any of this, you are likely to accept anything from the POTUS and are the reason that people are turning to progressives in the Democratic Party to save our constitutional democracy.

William Simpson



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Adam Scott

Dumbest letter I’ve seen on here in a while. Everything the left is saying Trump did is what the left has been doing all along. Trump is no doubt the best President this country has ever had. The people who watch fake “news” have been brain washed.

W Lockhart

Russian propaganda, passed on by Spanky's faithful...

David Rau

The only part of Mr. Simpsosns letter that was not true was that Giuliani did not really go to the Ukraine to try to get dirt on Biden he was going to but he changed his mind. The other things in his letter were true. It amazes me that these republic cons would blindly try to protect General Bone Spurs the most immoral, the most corrupt and the most stupid president ever. Trump makes Warren Harding and W Bush look brilliant...Sincerely David Rau

Gary Wylie

After reading William Simpson's letter, one has to wonder where he keeps his head when he isn't filling it with liberal democratic party diatribe...

Jacob Pasley

One thing is very clear after reading your diatribe, you cannot discern fact from fiction.

W Lockhart

Which of the several commenters is the "you" referred to in your letter?

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