Trump acted to save his re-election

Donald Trump wanted the economy opened back up to save his re-election chances.

During the whole of the pandemic, the federal government of which he is in charge has done nothing to coordinate or centralize efforts for guidance, logistics and leadership, choosing instead to leave that up to each governor by whatever means they could achieve.

Trump has beaten the states to reopen their individual economies, and he even weaponized the populace, calling for protests: “liberate” and “your gun rights are under siege,” all the things a responsible leader would never do.

Trump claimed the pandemic was in decline. All these lies he has used to whip up anger and discord against governors, mostly the Democratic ones.

Trump lied about the safety in returning to work that social distancing was as important now as ever. Trump was lying about the health risks to Americans. Trump knew prior to getting America back running that his claim of 70,000 more deaths was false.

The real number, as established by his own CDC and National Institutes of Health is 120,000 to 240,000 deaths by early August.

Walter Bradford


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David Rau

Daddy Joe if that is your real name please provide the proof that i have lied in my post. Come on give proof on at least one.

David Rau

The facts are that Trump did nothing for 3 months to stop the covid 19 virus coming here and now he has the blood of 117,000 Americans on his hands and the job loss of 46 million the most since the great depression. The facts are that in Feb. he said the virus was a hoax and that no Americans would die from it. In March he said anyone that wanted a test could got one and that we had plenty of mask, both lies. He also said in March that once summer came the virus would disappear, another lie.He also said there would be a miracle and that the virus would never come to our shores.Today he said people were only wearing mask to spite him. He is going to hold a rally of maybe thousands that will spread the virus even more. Also Trump ordered the military to gas innocent protestors in the streets of DC so he could do a photo op holding a bible..All these are facts and not fake news. another fact is that come Jan we will be rid of the worst President in our history.

Daddy Joe

More lies from the King of TDS


Yes this is the Number 1 Dung Beetle that you replied to!

Adam Scott

This is the most inaccurate post I’ve ever read on here.


Your right Mr. Scott but your wasting your breathe replying to this Dung Beetle. There are about five Dung Beetles that post on here all the time with the same ole BLAH BLAH BLAH Trump this Trump that and are not smart enough to know that they are the problem in America and not Trump. Fake news boys that loves it when someone reply's to their ignorance. Ignore the morons and save time.


He's the Don Lemon of TD for sure.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Rod Wallace and "Daddy" Joe and Mr. Adam Scott, Good Sunday Morning to you three Alabamians. It is a Lovely Day in the Neighborhood isn't it? The Lord thy God made it that way for all HIS children. We should forget the school yard insults and enjoy the day and pray for one another, I think anyway. Blessings to you and yours, Walter A. Bradford


Ha, Mr. Bradford your a crafty old codger. On one hand you are cursing the leadership of this country and sticking up for the Liberal left and on the other you are hoping we all have a blessing! These two typically don't go hand in hand from where I come from just saying! Any your right this day was made for all God's Children as we all have fallen short of the Glory of God!

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