The mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio are a national disgrace that should have never happened.

Another disgrace is Donald Trump as he tried to blame it on video games and mental illness.

It was Trump that allowed a bill to become law two years ago that allowed mentally ill people to be able to buy guns. It’s Trump and the Republicans that won’t outlaw assault weapons. The only use for an assault weapon is to kill people.

It’s Trump and the Republicans that won’t allow meaningful background checks on people when guns are purchased.

Trump and the Republicans are in the back pocket of the NRA and have been for years. The NRA should be classified as a domestic terrorist threat because they condone murder in the USA.

And the very notion of a gun-free zone in Texas is laughable. Texas has more guns than any other state and most countries.

It was Trump’s hate-filled rants that caused a 21-year-old guy to drive 600 miles to El Paso to kill Mexicans. Trump has the blood of 30 or more of men women and children on his hands.

America we are better than this!

David Rau



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David Rau

Trump made it easier for the mentally ill to get guns when he rolled back an Obama regulation in 2017.. Obama imposed the regulation right after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.. to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. And in 2017 the Republican house and senate passed a bill called H.J. Res 40 that revoked the Obama regulation. The bill was sponsored by a Texas congressman named Sam Johnson that retired in 2018..Trump signed the bill soon after. The bill was pushed by the NRA...These Republicans can deny all that want that Trump did it but its in the public record..H. J. Res 40 is just one of the many rules and executive orders that will have to be fixed in 2021 after daffy Donald goes down in flames in the 2020 election. That day can't come soon enough....Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

I debunked your BS, see below. You are just a big ol fibber.

Jacob Pasley

Even the uber liberal "Snopes" agrees that the Ohio shooter was a Warren loving leftist. How do you like them apples now?

David Rau

More lies from Pasley. Trump 2 years ago signed a NRA pushed bill to allow mentally ill people to purchase a gun. Republicans can try to deny that fact but its true..And no one knows what politician the shooter in Ohio backed but one thing is clear he used an assault weapon. Trump won't try to stop the sale of assault weapons because he bows before the NRA. Last week Trump said he was going to push for universal background checks but the NRA told him not to and this week Trump says no to universal background checks. And there is no such thing as a gun free zone at a Wal Mart especially in the most gun friendly state in the union Texas. The miserable Trump years will soon be over after El Paso Trump has no chance at re election. Sincerely David Rau

Scott Jackson

Mr. Rau, what is the number (HB## or SB##) of the bill you are refering to. I would like to read it. I have a feeling that you haven't read it either because it probably isn't true. I'm sure you have saw that headline on some liberal / news website and are spreading it as the truth the way the MSM does. So please let me know the #'s, because I want the facts of the bill. I like to read things for myself.

Jacob Pasley

Yes, provide a link to this mysterious bill you speak of but can' substantiate.

Just yesterday the ICE officers were ambushed by a deranged leftist gunman. I blame Dave and all his ilk for spreading false "concentration camp" rhetoric. When will you stop the hate speech?

Jacob Pasley

BTW, universal background checks is unenforceable. Even if they were, why would a criminal who plans to obtain a gun illegally care? Just more feel good, do nothing legislation to appease those who would gladly give up liberty for a false sense of security. Meanwhile, 1000's of babies a month are being killed by liberals in the womb, Illegal criminals and drug runners are dancing across the southern border, and hammers are still killing more people than AR-15's.

Jacob Pasley

Scott Jackson, see the link for the resolution that was passed. This is exactly the same thing I already mentioned in my first post. HJ Res 40 does not allow mentally defective people to procure weapons. This resolution just excludes people who need help with their social security finances from draconian gun laws. Needing help with finances does not mean you are mentally defective or dangerous. Grouping these people in with dangerous mentally ill people was complete overreach by Obama.

Great example of fake news spread by Dave and his ilk.

Scott Jackson

That's exactly what I thought.

Jacob Pasley

FYI, "assault weapons" are fall under the NFA and are highly regulated and cost prohibitive. They start at $15,000 and go up to over $50,000. Requires extensive background checks and special licensing. A modern sporting rifle is not an assault rifle. Assault is also a verb, anything can be used to assault a person. Just last week a guy went on a killing spree with a knife, the media and liberals blamed the man not the knife for the killings. Double standard anyone?

Jacob Pasley

Dumb dave is at it again. There is no new law that allows mentally defective people to possess firearms. This is explicitly illegal. What ol dumb dave is referring to is the law that didn't pass that would remove a person's right to bear arms if they are found to be unable to attend to their own finances, hardly a reason to disarm someone.

It's obvious who is stirring up the hate these days, the democrats are doxing citizens, spreading fake news (like dumb dave) and inciting violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

The Ohio shooter was a Sanders/Warren fan and an atheist to boot. The guy who shot up the congressional softball game was a democrat/liberal. The guy who tried to shoot up the anti abortion group was a democrat/.liberal. 90% of all mass shooting occur in gun free zones, hard to dispute the connection there.

The vast majority of hate and disinformation lies at the feet of liberals. But they should be enjoying the Trump years, these will be the best of their miserable lives.

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