In his June 24 “Another View,” Cal Thomas implies that we evangelicals should reject the president because of his rough language. While I wish the president did not use such language, the reality is that we never have had, and never will have a perfect person as president.

With all his flaws this country is much better off with Donald Trump as president than anyone the Democrats can come up with.

Here are some of the things you are voting for when you vote for Democrats:

• The murder of innocent children.

• Legalizing and promoting marriage between homosexuals, which is condemned by God.

• Acceptance and glorification of homosexuality, which is responsible for the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

• Denial of First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion for Christians and Jews.

• Making it illegal to say that sodomy and transgenderism is abnormal.

• The destruction of historical monuments and politically correct rewriting of our nation’s history.

• Giving away your Second Amendment rights to gun ownership.

• Having open borders like they do in Europe with no control over who enters our nation.

Euell White


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(6) comments

Walter Bradford

Dear Mr. White Hello,

Hey listen I read your "Reader's View" and I must say the content made me chuckle. Not because I would make fun of your accusations against Mr. Biden and The Democratic Party of which I am NOT a member, but because you profess to be qualified enough to tell Alabama what will happen should they vote in a Democratic Candidate at any level.

So since I question your ability and qualifications in expounding the negative aspects of a Democratic anything, I'd like to challenge you to what should be for you, a much easier and pleasant task and that would be declaring the advantages of (4) more years of (t)rump as president and GOP members continuing in the role the administrators of Mr. (t)rump's policies. When you accomplish this very minor assignment I promise you I will return and well quite simply blow each and everyone of your claims, sky high! So do we have a deal Sir? I sure hope so. Blessings to you Mr. White and remember, a Face Mask a day with keep the Undertaker away!

Turn Off Fox news

Yada, yada, yada ……….. Euell White has been posting his one sided, opinionated, drivel for years.

Darryl Swindle

I am impressed that this fish wrapper actually published a truthful and factual opinion.

Never trump

A pile of dog sh*t would be a better alternative than trump.

David Rau

Mr. White is a minister? Just what kind of minister are you sir? So far your president Trump has allowed 127,000 Americans to die of the virus and allowed 46 million to be put out of work all because he would not act for three months and did nothing to stop the covid virus coming here. Before the pandemic hit 40% of american family's were living under the poverty level because of the Trump tax cut for the rich. Trump has cut 1 million poor kids from getting meal at school. Trump has tried to cut millions off of food stamps. 20 women say Trump tried to assault them, he had an affair with a adult film star while his wife was pregnant. Mr White abortion is settled law and was made legal in 1973 by the Supreme court. And by he way Trump was all for abortion until he ran for President. Marriage between the sexes is also settled law made legal also by the Supreme court. You say the Democrats are out to destroy the 1st amendment but its Trump that's trying to destroy it because he hates a free press. Also no one is trying to take your guns away but no one has the right to an assault weapon, their only purpose is to kill people.Also now we know that Putin ordered the killing of our military and Trump said nothing. Trump let Putin make a fool out of him again. Also Trump ordered the gassing of innocent protestors all for the sake of a photo op holding a Bible upside down. And don't forget Trump said he would love to date his own daughter.. Mr White you call yourself a Christian. How in the world can you say that Trump is the better choice? Something is just not right with that.

Daddy Joe

More lies, fake news and outright nonsense from the king of TDS!

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