One of the many polarizing issues in America today is abortion. The central question is, and always has been, when does human life exists?

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(6) comments

David Rau

I'm so glad P. Glover that you had money for birth control, many poor women do not. And it sounds like you don't want a few dollars of your taxes to help pay for their birth control. So I'm a bit confused do you want tax dollars to go to birth control for poor women or do you want more abortions. You really can't have it both ways the world does not work like that. So the ball is in your court P Glover abortions or birth control? Which will it be?

P. Glover

I am fine with birth control. I have used it many times. I think you are confused with banning it and being forced to pay for it.

David Rau

I noticed P. Glover that you never said if you support all forms of birth control. Do you deny that most so called pro life people want to eliminate birth control including the morning after pill? The Supreme Court made it very clear that under the constitution women have freedom of choice. And men have to take equal responsibility for unprotected sex too. Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood was only trying to protect women who were dying left and right because they had no choice but to have a ton of kids. When she founded Planned Parenthood abortion was illegal as was all forms of birth control. It's clear that these so called right to lifers want to go back to that. None of them will deny that they want to eliminate birth control.

P. Glover

Just some facts: "Who Are The 1 in 4 American Women Who Choose Abortion" Umass Med News 5/30/2019. 52 % are black or Hispanic, only 7% were for health reasons, 6% other, and get this 86% of the abortions were because it was basically an inconvenience.

USA Today 5/24/2019 1% were because of rape and less than .5% were for incest.

No source listed, but you can research it: almost half of abortions are repeat abortions.

P. Glover

Mr. Propagandist: Facts please. Where do you get that pro lifers really want all forms of birth control eliminated? Is this more of your propaganda? If as you say, the Constitution says the unborn are human beings. Is it not murder to take a human life? If I kill a pregnant woman, can I be charged with 2 murders? Do a little research on the founder of Planned Parent Hood and find out the real reason you Dem's want abortion on demand. Could y'all be considered racist? Most women have "a choice" when they choose to have unprotected sex!!

David Rau

The Supreme Court in 1973 said nothing about the unborn not being a person. Their decision was based on the Constitutions right to privacy and said Women have the right on how to control their own body. What most of these so called right to life people want is the end of all birth control especially the morning after pill and they will not deny that.

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