I made three purchases from EBay the other day. My bank had 14 charges to EBay.

I called EBay upset. They informed me that the tariffs to China and other places had to be paid ... by me. I knew “We The People” were going to have to pay for that trade tariff, but so blatant were the charges, they knew I would have to call and find out why?

Yes, Americans are paying the tariffs for anything that comes from overseas. Did we really believe that China or Mexico or France would suffer the consequences for those trade deals? Like the wall that we are paying for with less benefits for everyone except the rich and powerful.

I don’t know how many more Great Deals we can afford. My suffering starts at Wallyworld with higher prices on everything in the store. Even the pharmacy has raised their prices, although I don’t think they are getting my drugs overseas.

So when those higher tariffs go into effect this month, and more at Christmas, guess you and I will be paying the price of greatness. I hope your raise covers this. I didn’t get one.

Just so you know, there will not be a line for tariffs on your 1040. And a tip: If they lower the taxes coming out of your check, come April 15 you will be owing an enormous amount of taxes. It ain’t free, nor great.

Oh, and had I not had enough in my bank to cover those 14 tariff charges, I would have been paying the bank $37 for each tariff charged. That’s 14 times $37... great balls of fire!

Linda Broke Johnson



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David Rau

Yes where is the great trade deal with China. Trump said he was the master of deals and that he had made thousands of great deals but in reality in business he lost 1 billion dollars and went bankrupt six times. The truth is that China is not at the table making a deal with Trump because they have no fear of Trump. But look at the deals he has made like the deal he made with the rich that gave them a huge tax cut that the middle class had to pay for. Also the deal he made with the oil companies that allowed them to remove blowout protection on their deep water rigs in the gulf.. There is also the deal he tried to make with them where he was going to remove MPG standards on new cars but the auto companies told him that was a horrible idea. How about that deal he made with the NRA where he made it legal for the mentally ill to buy guns.? Don't forget his deal for Trump University that swindled thousands out of their money. How about the deal he had with his contractors for his hotels. Three thousand of them sued him because deadbeat Trump would not pay them what he owed them. Or the deal he tried to make with the Health Ins, companies that would let them refuse Insurance for people with pre existing conditions and would have ended 20 million from getting health ins, when he tried to destroy Obamacare.. And how about the deal he tried to make with Putin where Trump wanted to destroy NATO to please his buddy Putin. Yes it's true we cant afford any more deals from Trump it's already been estimated that his latest tariffs will cost each American family 1,000 dollars. All of this comes at no surprise Trump was never fit to be the president he was just a bad reality show host and an even worse business man. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Ol dumb Dave is still stating lies and unsubstantiated claims. There is no deal with the NRA for mentally ill people to buy guns. That claim has been debunked many times by myself with proof, yet he still tells this lie with such ferocity. Maybe he thinks if he lies enough it will come true, is this a sign of mental illness?

Every fake point made by ol dave is easily refuted, a simple google search can shed light on his lies and hyperbole.

Enjoy the Trump years Dave, they will be the best and most productive/profitable times of your life.

Jacob Pasley

Please tell us of what "deal" has been made? I don't know of a single one. Trump's tariffs have been successful in getting China to the table in order to make a deal. Are you so near sighted that a short term annoyance is worth getting screwed by China in the long term? Again, what "deal" are you referring too?

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