We’re sending wrong message to kids

A friend and I were discussing role models in this current political environment. Conversation transcended into the conduct of our president. What we are telling our kids and grandkids it is:

• OK to lie.

• OK to make fun of disabled people.

• OK to bully.

• OK to call people names.

• OK to grab women without their consent.

• OK to be racist.

• OK to cheat on your spouse.

• OK to patronize porn stars.

• OK to take money for charities.

• OK to criticize war heroes who were prisoners of war.

This is just a few behavior things that are becoming common.

I don’t think these actions were what God had in mind when he dictated the 10 Commandments to Moses, although, I could be wrong.

Ira Jones


(2) comments

David Rau

Which points regarding Trump has been proven false Mr. Hurst? Tell us which ones are false. Mr. Jones is spot on about corrupt lying Trump.

joe hurst

Apparently you think it is okay to lie, since several of your points regarding the president have been proven false.

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