The upcoming election doesn’t give us much confidence in the type of people that are running for office. Maybe instead of voting for people, we should vote for certain basic principles we want to see continued or restored in our national government.

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(2) comments

David Rau

I fail to understand why then you would not vote for Joe Biden since he represents the future. he supports the 2nd amendment but it does not give you the right to own assault weapons whose only purpose is to kill lots of people. The reason Chicago has so many guns is that they come in from other states like Alabama which has no gun laws. The electoral college is 150 years out of date and has given us the two worst Presidents ever W. and now Trump. In the race for President every vote should count and last time 3 million did not. The Republican party has only won 1 election in the past 6 by the popular vote and people will not put up with that any longer. And why would you want a Supreme Court nominee like Amy Barettt that will vote to end Obamacare and eliminate half a million people in Alabama from having any health ins? As for police and law and order you did not see any of these riots when Obama was President. And why would you want to deny a woman's right to an abortion.? Abortion is legal and will stay that way. We know that your real aim is to eliminate all forms of birth control. And as for the military why would you support a man that said our dead military were losers. Trump would not even wear a mask and now hes sick with covid where as Biden did wear his and is healthy and ready to serve. the future is Biden and he will take office in January.

Johnny W. Riley

well said!

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