Despite the continued disruption by the Democrats, President Trump has accomplished several things.

By relaxing the restrictions of the Obama Administration, he brought about the defeat of ISIS.

With the NATO Alliance. he forced the European countries to increase their funding.

With China he challenged the unfair trade policies to get better terms for America.

On the world scene, he restored American sovereignty, which Obama and Clinton, with the backing of George Soros, wanted to cede to the United Nations.

Trump also stopped the funding of countries who accepted our foreign aid but would oppose us in world organizations like the U.N.

At home, Trump has tried to seal our southern border and stop illegal immigration with no support from the Democrats. History tells us that a country that cannot control its borders is doomed.

Trump’s election also shook up the Republicans in Congress. They had been content with enjoying their salaries and perks, and making no effort to change the status-quo.

The Democrats, along with the liberal media, continue to ignore or downplay the accomplishments of the Trump Administration. The Democrats, however, are panicking as the next election approaches in 2020, because of the strong economy, a strong stock market, increased industrial expansion, and the lowest unemployment that has been seen in many years.

If impeachment doesn’t work don’t be surprised if the Democrats in Congress come up with another ploy to get rid of the president.

Norman Kramer



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David Rau

Poor Pasly calls me a dummy but I guess he does not know that a President can only serve 8 years under the Consitution so who is really the dummy?

Jacob Pasley

Per usual, our resident dummy from Tennessee chimes in with false narratives and allegations.

Democrats are using the Wile E. Coyote strategy in defeating Trump. Keep up the good work dims, Trump will be president for the next 30 years at this rate.

Darryl Swindle

I agree Mr. Kramer, we finally have a President that loves America and wants to see the the american people succeed.

David Rau

A better question is how will Trump try to destroy our nation this year? Trump will get by in the Senate trial only because of the corrupt Republican Senators. Whoever heard of a trial being held with no witnesses being heard from? Trump tried to destroy NATO saying it was no longer needed for his good buddy Putin. Saying that Trump has worked to increase our sovereignty is a joke since he bows down to Putin and says the N Korea dictator sends him love letters. The nations of the world laugh at Trump because of his incompetence. Trumps misguided tariffs on China have cost

american business 50 billion dollars. Trumps illegal wall would cost us 40 billion and will not work since a 2000 mile wall cannot be guarded. Bozo Trump tore up the Iran treaty that was working for no reason and now we will have war with Iran sometime in the future. When Joe Biden takes office next year it will take several years to dig us out from under Trump's blunders just like it took President Obama several years to fix W's blunders. We democrats don't need to panic since Biden right now leads Trump 9% in the polls. There are better days ahead.

Paul Kersey

Please start hydrating because you are going to keep your tear ducts full.

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