While I appreciate a recent letter writer’s sincerity in advocating removal of a Confederate statue, a sentiment apparently shared by others throughout this great country, it raises a question. Where does it stop?

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(5) comments

David Rau

It's not what i want to believe its the truth. No where in the constitution does it give a state or states the right to leave the union and did not the confederate states take up arms against the union? That's called Treason!

David Rau

It's you Mr. Riley that needs to read some history and not try to make up phony history. The south left the union after the election of Lincoln because that knew he was for ending slavery. And the constitution gives no state the right to leave the union and you can't find a place where it does. And anyone that took up arms against the union was a out right traitor.

David Rau

It ends when the confederate statues of traitors to our nation are gone.

Johnny W. Riley

Mr Raul they were not traitors, read your history books. They were against stronger Federal government! And had the right to secede from union.

Johnny W. Riley

David Rau, believe what you want to. You stated your view and I have stated mine. Have a better day.

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