How do you want your tax dollars spent?

As I watch the impeachment proceedings, the question of use of tax dollars comes into my mind. The call transcript clearly indicates President Trump’s interest in an investigation of the Bidens by the government of Ukraine.

The withholding of funds is not new, but the withholding of funds to make a campaign ad to be used against a political opponent is unprecedented. (Just announce the investigation publicly.)

This is not a PAC or political party paying for this ad, it is all American taxpayers.

Where is the red line that this president has to cross before the Republican Party stands up for the values they used to embrace?

Judie Paganelli


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David Rau

Trump has done more good for this country than any other President! Really Mr. Swindle tell us how he did that? Trump did more than our first President Gorge Washington? Trump did more than Thomas Jefferson the author of the Declaration of Independence? Trump did more than Abe Lincoln who saved the union and was the maker of the Emacipation Proclamation? Trump did more than Teddy Roosevelt who broke the trusts and established most of our National Parks. Did Trump do more than Frankiln Roosevelt who got the nation through the great depression, established TVA and won WW2. Did Trump do more than JFK who stared down the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Did Trump do more than LBJ who pushed through the voting rights act and medicare? Is Trump greater than Nixon who established better relations with China and established the EPA? Is Trump better than Obama who saved us from W's depression, saved the auto industry and got good health insurance for 50 million people? So Mr. Swindle enlighten us on what Trump did that was greater than those great Presidents?

David Rau

Worst President. most corrupt president ever. with no morals and no values. Lowest iq just this morning Trump congratulated Kansas City Kansas for wining the super bowel but Kansas City is in Missouri wow what a genius!

Darryl Swindle

I agree with you Jacob, Trump has done more good for this country than ANY previous President!!!!

David Rau

Millions spent to get rid of the worst president in American history would be money well spent. But the impeachment of Trump has not cost anywhere close to that. Trump is leading us down the garden path of bankruptcy with his tax cut for the rich and now he says he wants another tax cut for the rich and says he wants to cut SS and Medicare. When Biden takes over in January he will make the rich pay their fair share of tax again. Biden will stop the road to war with Iran by going back to the Iran treaty that stopped them making a bomb. Biden will start medicare for all and everyone will have good affordable health care. Biden will make sure that Russia is put in its place and not be a buddy buddy with trying to destroy NATO to please putin. Biden will stop the illegal wall that will cost us 40 billion and won't work. Biden will make it illegal for the mentally ill to own guns after Trump made that legal in 2017. Biden will fund a bill to fund crumbling roads and brides and will stop billions for a space force to fight the scary aliens and stop the spending of billions to put a man on Mars that is only a suicide mission anyway. A million or two would be a good investment to save our nation from Bozo Trump.

Jacob Pasley

Yet another dumb lib with no facts who is sooo worried about the tax payer, yet turns a blind eye to the millions upon millions of taxpayer monies spent by democrats trying to undo the 2016 Election of your wonderful President. Just think how much liberal goodness could have been done if that wasted money was spent elsewhere. Imagine how many abortions could be funded or how many people could choose to stay at home and not work and still get paid. Just imagine the possibilities.

Just a reminder, the score is now:

Trump - 3

Liberal Swamp - 0

For your viewing pleasure:

David Rau

The Republican party lost its soul years ago. If they had any values they would have never nominated Trump for President a man that has no values or morals. Just look at how many Republicans in Alabama still support predator Roy Moore.

Jacob Pasley

Enjoy the next 5 years of Trump, dumb dave, they will be the best of your poor miserable existence.

America winning feels soooooo good!

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