Democrat governors and mayors did not release thousands of prisoners because of the coronavirus.

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(10) comments

David Rau

A few misspelled words can be easily fixed but what cannot be fixed is Jerry Unerwood's stupidity because stupid cannot be fixed.

Darryl Swindle

You should know

Walter Bradford

Mr. Sabatino I did neglect to ask you one question. Why is it that The Bureau if Prisons on The Federal Level, you know, under The Department of Justice and under The trump excuse of a central government, did they approve so many sentences for home Confinement? They were not released by State Level Governors of either Political Party. The trump government did so.

This is what is so upsetting about trump supporters y'all don't do anything regarding what you speak of. And it is that blind loyalty that predicts the same small group of Americans will reelect trump but, to no avail, His Base has deteriorated from the hundreds and failures he has committed and the tens of thousands of lies he has told. Have an Enjoyable Weekend!! Walter A. Bradford Florence

Walter Bradford

Mr. Sabatinos has been in trump's W.H. Bathroom reading what he write on the walls hasn't he? You know it is so true that Republicans are so demented they have to make pretend with Conspiracy Theories. They never repeat sources, they never have proof, they just say something and "poof" you're suppose to believe it. Well I have one for Mr. Sabatino, trump is corrupt more so than Al Capone ever was. He has pardoned (8) of his friends or people he sees eye to eye with politically even though each of them did in fact get convicted in a US Federal Court of Law. But trump says they were "treated unfairly". Yet he ruins a LTC Vindman's whole Military Career because Vindman followed a Congressional Subpoena and testified. But that's okay. Also now Trump may well face Federal Charges over the Mueller Report after he loses the election and most excitedly will be the continuation of the Investigation in to trump, his family and corporate fraud, tax evasion, lying to Congress and overinflating his net worth when applying for business loans. I'm personally looking forward to his crucifixion. Popcorn, pretzels, dips and sodas. I'm totally Ready!!!!! Walter A. Bradford Florence

Jerry Underwood

Mr. Walter Bradford "Bathroom reading what he write on the walls" If that was your attempt at writing a coherent sentence you have failed. I will give you a little help and tell you that "wrote" which is used as past form. You also could have used the word "written" as a past participle. Another thing that may have caused the lapse in grammar is a bad case of TDS. TDS can cause a short circuit in the neurons between your brain and hands.

Adam Scott

Paul, you are absolutely right. It’s a shame most people don’t understand what Soros is doing to our country. They just want to blame Trump…unjustly of course.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Scott, they do blame (t)rump because it is his administration that is at odds with national policy and then folks, like yourself and Mr. Sabatino erroneously try to blame Democrats. Trump is still blaming Obama for the coronavirus and he's been out of office nearly (4) years. Trump didn't even know there was a Pandemic Response Team or an SOP. I mean the guy is out of touch everything except how to not take responsibility. That he has made a "science". But,he's your boy, he's going down in flames in November 2020, so you'd best get to spending your days politicking for him, his Base isn't even showing up for his tired brand of campaign orgy free-for-all's! Walter A. Bradford Florence


Your truly ignorant! You can't help it! I'm sorry for you Dung Beetle

David Rau

Paul Sabatino's letter has to be the biggest nonsense I have ever read. I knew these Trump lovers were desperate but to spew this nonsense is just beyond contempt.


Dung Beetle Dung Beetle Dung Beetle! You two are dumber than a box of rocks!!![spam][ban]

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