Reports of retail stores closing, both locally and nationally, have become commonplace. In my opinion this is happening in part because of the current obsession with online shopping. We need our stores, whether locally owned or part of a chain. These stores provide jobs and needed tax revenue. I do not believe you will see any online retailers sending money to pave our roads and streets, pay and equip first responders, and provide other services. Please buy locally.

With all this recent rain, all the grass at these rental homes has skyrocketed. Can something not be done about rental property being properly cut and maintained? The council people need to pass a regulation that they are responsible for that property. They get the rent, they should cut it. Half of them are college kids and they don’t own a lawnmower. Do something about it.

It looks like the Trump-Russia witch hunt has gotten so psychotically embarrassing that they’ve even stopped making jokes about it on “Saturday Night Live.”

I know several teachers throughout the Shoals area and they are good people, but I have never seen a group of people that work, make a good living, work for nine months a year, not 12, get off for every holiday there is in the state, but they complain more than any other occupation I have ever heard of.

I drove from Florida. I drove through Georgia and I drove through Alabama until I came to Haleyville. It’s a trash place.

Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump that a president and a dictator are not the same thing.

The Democrats keep saying on television that the American people want to know Donald Trump’s tax returns. I don’t know of one American person that cares about his tax returns, only the Democrats.

The United States of America is loaded with the Christian religion. There’s a church on every corner. The question remains: Why do we have so much hate in America if we have all these religious churches on every corner? Are they teaching the right message?

Why don’t students who owe college debt just not pay it. Like Donald J. Trump, just don’t pay your bills; let her go, bankruptcy. It’s a simple solution.

There’s thousands of airplanes crisscrossing America every day. The direction that gets the most airplanes are going to get the most floods, simply because the fumes from airplanes feed the clouds and cause rain. People forget this. When I was a kid in California it didn’t rain. Put airplanes up there and go round and round it seeds the clouds.

We do have a good economy. We had some good things going on under President Trump. But does that give him the right to do wrong? Does that keep him out of jail for doing wrong? I don’t understand. If you do something that’s illegal, you should go to jail. Why is he above the law?

Ashley Montagu, a noted anthropologist, had this to say: Women are smarter than men in every way except physical strength, which can be developed. I think Gov. Kay Ivey has proven the point. She’s a lot smarter than the men are. She gets what she wants.

If talking on your cellphone is distracted driving, how come I see police cars with their driver talking on their cellphones quite often. Just curious.

You can tell a lot about people if you listen to what they say. Conservatives mind their own business, make up their own minds, and support the government. Liberals mind everybody else’s business, try to browbeat them into changing their minds, and want the government to take of them forever.

What is wrong with this picture? I’m 85 years old and on Social Security and pension. I paid more taxes this year than ever before. Our president is a millionaire, he said so, and he didn’t pay taxes eight out of 10 years. Something is wrong right here and now.

Donald Trump said North Korea and his buddy-pal Kim Jong Un that they had denuclearized. He stated that. He spread his arms wide and said, “Denuclearization. It’s all over.” And now look what they are doing. You people wearing those little red hats, you are going to let this guy take us down a path of destruction that there will be no turning back.

I see The Good Old Boy Club is doing good and well in Colbert County. Jeremy Robinson has been promoted. That’s John Bedford’s protege, who he wanted to have it. Instead of getting out here and finding somebody who is more qualified, they sat back on their hands, and said, “This is who should have it. This is who John Bedford wants us to have.” It’s a shame we have to put up with such.

I am like many others in the state of Alabama and in Colbert County and Lauderdale County we get these gas taxes and other taxes just shoved down our throat, and they don’t ever take them off. Now we have a Republican governor who ran through a 10-cent gas tax so fast nobody even had time to turn around.

If you’ve got any skeletons in your closet, you had better not run for anything important or they will send you to jail. So maybe it’s time to go to these people’s closet and find their skeletons. How would they like it turned on them for a change?


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