I would like to thank President Trump and his coronavirus staff for the wonderful job they have done and the numerous lives they have saved.

U.S. citizen to President Trump: Mr. Trump, please quit practicing being a doctor. Try practicing being president.

While at Walmart, I noticed a sign that said maintain a distance of six feet between others. It hit me that if we don’t stay six feet apart above the earth, we’ll end up six feet below the earth.

This is to all the liberals, Democrats and communists, which all three are one. You’ve been fed a bill of goods, and you all are like mushrooms in the dark. You should be just about to explode with joy and anxiety over the socialism programs that have been implemented on us.

The coronavirus hasn’t stopped the trains from blocking the intersections in Sheffield. I just sat through 20 minutes, two trains, same old thing, never going to change. Again, it’s hard for me to believe they are going to open up Inspiration Landing and people are going to put up with this.

Money and evil are related and money has unbelievable germs, passing through daily hands and in your possession ignored.

There was a funeral in Red Bay recently with 50 plus people in attendance. Other funerals in Franklin County had to limit their crowds to 10. In every phase of our society there is a double standard, but when someone’s health is at stake, it should not be allowed.

This is about the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. Since we’re practicing the social safety, I would really appreciate it and think they should look into taking the public computers and spacing them farther apart. They’ve always been way too close, you’re elbow to elbow and practically breathing in each other’s face. They have a lot of space in the library and this would be a simple task that could be done while the library is closed, and we could all feel better about our safety and health when the library is open.

Some of the You Said It comments bashing Donald Trump’s handing of the coronavirus should take off their bias blinders and take a look at how many advisers he has with him and behind closed doors. This guy was handed an unexpected disaster and is handling it very well. So shut up and cash your stimulus checks!

When Donald Trump ran for president, he said he was going to balance the budget in no time at all. His tax cut for the rich raised the national deficit over $1 trillion. In a short three years we are at over $5 trillion he has given away. Where are the small government conservatives? I think they are all socialists now because they are silent. Their president has carried them over a cliff and they are still following. Maybe we should have an early election and try to resolve this situation before it gets any worse.

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David Rau

If you want our problems solved quit voting for crooks and degenerates like Trump. Trump has so far killed 92,000 Americans and put 36 million out of work. Our nation is doomed if Trump should be reelected but don't worry he won't be.

Adam Scott

If you want our problems solve quit voting for the left. Everything they do makes things much worse. The left is letting crooks out of jail and putting innocent citizens in jail because they dared to go outside. Our country is doomed if Trump isn’t reelected.

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