As the disintegration of American society continues, it amazes me those serving in our government don’t seem to be aware of history and where we are heading. We have not learned from the mistakes of the past and, therefore, we are repeating the mistakes of the past. I fear for the future of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

To pro-lifers and all those good old Christian people out there: I think you have a double standard on pro-life because I don’t hear any barking about those children locked up in cages at the border. They can hardly breathe in the hot temperatures.

I’d just like to say I wish somebody could do something about these robocalls. The president they think so much of by golly can do so much with all this intelligence stuff it’s stupid they can’t figure out who calls them. They are costing the telephone company millions of dollars. I get so sick of them I wish they would go to the devil. I get eight to 10 calls a day. It’s ridiculous.

I want to say that every person that lives has some devil in them, unless they are an innocent baby. None is good, not one.

Recently, a newspaper made a comment that Bernie Sanders makes Elizabeth Warren look moderate. This is not a new thing. This is a cavernous political strategy from the 1920s. You advertise a candidate who is completely crazy then it makes one who is just mostly crazy look good.

This is for all the politicians who believe in free health care for undocumented immigrants. If you are sincere about taxpayers bearing the burden for this, how about letting an undocumented immigrant family move into your house in your gated community? If you don’t want to do this, you are a hypocrite.

I would like to address misconceptions about the vote of “no confidence” at Northwest-Shoals. Contrary to some posts on Facebook, it’s not about jealous employees. It’s about employees that are irate because scholarships for students have been cut, budgets have been cut, personnel have been fired, but the president has chosen to give about $80,000 in raises to her best buds. Where’s the accountability in that? I thought students came first at Northwest-Shoals, not best buddies.

All this free stuff that these Democrats are promising has got to be paid for by somebody and that somebody is us. All the young people out there now that’s listening to Bernie Sanders think everything is going to be free. It’s not going to be free. Just remember that. This vote right here for our president is going to be very important.

The rule of law in Lauderdale County does not exist. The Lauderdale County circuit judges and district attorney make their rulings not based on the law, but on the good old boys system.

It is absolutely true that the lottery in Alabama is not getting passed because they want 100 percent to go to the General Fund. If only they would give 50 percent to education, yes it would get passed and they would still make millions of dollars. Why won’t they just concede and split it with education?


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