When you hear a Republican, it doesn’t matter what state he’s from, speak out against the president, you know automatically there was a Democrat running on the Republican ticket to get elected, just like Jeff Sessions in Alabama. They are easy to spot and it won’t surprise me what happens. I’m sure some Republican will run against President Trump before it’s over with.

What an ugly recent You Said It about Russellville. People who worked their whole life and then retire deserve to sit on their front porch. They earned that right. These are good Christian people who never said a hard word about anyone their whole life. This person that called should be ashamed and down on their knees praying.

To the caller complaining about a redneck welcoming committee in Russellville: Maybe you should look in the mirror. What is wrong with sitting on the front porch of your own home? You should not be so quick to judge without knowing the facts. Maybe you should engage your brain before opening your mouth.

If you have an opinion about detained migrant children, call (202) 456-1414, it’s the White House. Or try Sen. Richard Shelby, (202) 224-5744. How about Sen. Doug Jones, (202) 224-4124 or Rep. Mo Brooks, (202) 225-4801.

The county does not build roads to last. They build roads to repair. That’s just the way it is. They are not going to build a good road — they are going to make it so they have to go back and repair it.

We work so diligently trying to solve the problems of the entire world. What will happen to the problems facing this country? Has America lost its way? Only God knows.

I talked to some rich Democrats this week and found out the reason they really want open borders. They just like to have servants, that’s all there is to it. Slavery didn’t work out for them, so they’ve got to have somebody.

Bernie Sanders has an idea for paying off student debt. I have a better idea. He and all his rich friends in the Democratic Party, and also the rich Republicans in Congress, should contribute to pay off the loans rather than ride it on the backs of the elderly and the American middle class where it would eventually wind up.

I want to commend Camille Bennett. She did such a job of the Juneteenth presentations, the music, the whole deal. It was just a great night. I noticed something, when the statue was erected way back when on the premise that it was erected on, there was bigotry, hate, not even recognizing our fellow man as citizens. What you build upon a foundation like that simply cannot stand.

I really get a kick out of the conservative Republicans and the Democrats cutting each other down. The conservatives, and not the Democrats, should be thankful for the Democrats because they enjoy the same benefits the Democrats enjoy when they become seniors, like Social Security, Medicare and welfare for poor folks. There’s just as many conservative Republicans that receive these benefits as Democrats.Colbert County should make property owners that have vacant houses and lots, as well as mortgage companies that have repossessed houses and land, be required to keep the grass mowed and buildings removed or restored for a cleaner environment in Colbert County.


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