Where is the accountability on leadership of the administration at Northwest-Shoals Community College? The Jumpstart program is eliminated; scholarships are cut; athletics are eliminated. There is no leadership or accountability when that money is used to give your buddies raises.

The shape that America is in today makes you wonder will God bless the USA again? I think everybody should listen to the hit song recorded many years ago by the late John Lennon. It’s called “Imagine.”

Donald Trump isn’t nearly as bad a dude as some of his colleagues would make him out to be. He made the statement about those four freshman women and the next day he backs up. He said, “All I’m saying is that if they don’t like it here they can leave. Leave America. They don’t have to be here.” If he’s such a bad guy, he would say, “I said it. I meant it. You know what I meant when I said it and I’m not backing down.” He’s not bad at all. Exactly the opposite.

I just heard on the news the United States has already spent $105 billion on illegals since Donald Trump has been in office. And all those old people who claim to be Christians holier than thou, that’s all for these illegals because they think that’s what Christ wants them to do. Why don’t they take them into their house and let them live there? Those people don’t come over here to work, they come here for free money and free health care.

They tried to say Donald Trump is racist because he said, “If they hate America they can leave.” There’s nothing racist about that. That was for no special person. He’s right, not racist.

When I was a young boy the Three Stooges were named Mo, Larry and Curly. Now I’m an old man and the Three Stooges are named Omar, Tahlib and Cortez.

All Rick Singleton has done since he’s been in office is ask for money for this and for that. Out in the county we’ve had some trouble and we called for an officer to come, and 45 minutes later he showed up. I guess that quick response time is why Singleton got a big raise. If he knew what the salary for the office was when he ran for office, then he shouldn’t have run. I think we need to vote Singleton out.

This is a message to Tuscumbia’s Mayor Bubba: If the city is on a tight schedule and they can’t afford to help the animal shelter, might I suggest that the mayor stop his traveling back and forth to Washington? It doesn’t do the city any good; it’s just a vacation trip. Save some of that money to spend at home for the needs of the people, especially the animal shelter.

How sickening to read of the low salary of the Colbert County sheriff, one of the best sheriff’s this county has ever had and he’s at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to his salary compared to Lauderdale County. Oh how embarrassing. County officials do your job and raise the salary of the sheriff immediately, or you won’t be re-elected.

I’ve noticed that multiple churches in the local area have been sending “mission groups” to Central America. I have a couple of suggestions I believe would help them out. First of all, you could save on travel time and expense if instead of going all the way to Central America, just go to our southern border and help that same demographic there. The second suggestion is by all means next time you people go to the polls to vote, don’t forget to carry your brain.

Let me get this straight. That vice president, God-fearing, God-loving Christian Mike Pence, went down to the border and he found the conditions to be unacceptable. Well, I’ve got news for you hoss; I haven’t been down to the border, but when I found out you guys were putting people in cages, that’s when I decided the actions down there were unacceptable.

This is to all city, county and state elected officials: Please wake up and put a new water park in Florence. Cullman has a beautiful, modern, outstanding water park, which has been a tremendous success. Ask yourself which the citizens of the Shoals would prefer, an ag center or a family friendly water park? The ag center is a done deal, but still there is no modern family water park. This would be a huge asset and complement to the RTJ golf courses and would be a benefit to the entire Shoals community.


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