When liberal Democrats and animal rights groups start to condemn the practice of abortion, then we all can have a discussion on moral values.

It just may be that the coronavirus is God’s way of saying, “I don’t care if you build the wall, you can’t keep me out and you can’t keep my children out.” Where did it come from that the United States is so much better than the countries Donald Trump used a derogatory term on? Pretty sure in God’s view we’re all in this together.

This is for the person who was driving down the road the other day taking his picture on his cellphone. Please wait until you get home to take your picture.

To the person who called and said that marijuana was the first drug that anyone tries before they go into the harder drugs, I beg to differ. Tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs from the home medicine chest are the first drugs most people use on their way to hardcore dependence.

You people that call yourself Christians, watch the movie “Mother of Jesus” and see how they treated Jesus so full of hate. They crucified the one who died for us. They are treating Donald Trump just like then. I know he’s not God; he doesn’t claim to be. But you can’t straddle a fence — you are on God’s side or the devil’s.

I agree with the caller about the condition of North Patton Street. But also, there needs to be something done about Crown Street. Several years ago it was paved and a month or two later, the city dug holes all down Crown Street to repair waterlines, and they do not know how to patch the places. It’s terrible. Our cars are being ruined by the bad streets.

Attention north Florence city councilmen: How about replacing the rusted old north Florence shopping center sign that is at the side entrance on Pine Street? It’s an eyesore. Surely you can find the money to replace it since you are trying to improve this part of north Florence.

Recently, I was stopped by a female Cherokee police officer, and she was the only police officer on the scene. When I went to court, the ticket was signed off by a male Cherokee police officer, which is not ethical. Be careful going through Cherokee.

Well new jobs are not going to help people who are on Medicare and Social Security. So people who are on Medicare and Social Security should vote for Democrats because Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security. Something to think about.

I recently reported a case of approximately 10 dogs that were chained by the neck in a muddy, flooded field. There were two additional dogs in a tiny pen who appeared to be starving to death. I went to the police department and reported it, who told me they had reported it to the animal control people numerous times. Where are the animal lovers? Nobody I talked to appeared to care. These dogs are being abused by their owners in broad daylight. Are there any suggestions out there?

I agree with the caller who said the school buses need to slow down. One passed me the other day driving like he had two minutes to get wherever he was going.

Several years ago, when they started developing Nathan Estates, I drove down there interested in it. It didn’t take me but just a few minutes. I turned and told my wife this place is going to flood. It looks like the developers sold the land and built the houses, made his money and left Muscle Shoals holding the bag on that one. Surely Muscle Shoals has some kind of zoning or planning commission to prevent us taxpayers from having to carry that burden again. It should never happen again.

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