Thank you, Donald Trump. Your brilliance in telling folks to inject their body with disinfectant saved my life. I am 92 years old and I was almost gone. Thank God I saw that. I mixed up a concoction that the witches of Salem would have been proud of and I shot myself and today I feel great. My hair is orange, but I feel great. Thank you, sir.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is on record wanting to get rid of all fossil fuels. This should kick start the automobile industry. Maybe this is why the national autoworkers union endorsed Biden for president.

Has anyone else noticed that all the talking heads on TV in the elite ruling class are the ones that want to keep the economy shut down? The reason they want the economy shut down is that they have a paycheck. They are not concerned about the ones of us who are not getting a paycheck.

Donald Trump put his tariffs on Chinese imports and China turned their germ warfare virus on the USA.

How cool is Panda Creek Farms for streaming videos of live goats playing with children stuck in classrooms with teachers teaching from home. Thank you, Panda Creek. You are bringing joy to children’s hearts.

Hooray! We seem to be close to hair care. How about the awakening to inspectors of these businesses, dirty and unclean workstations, frequent with the increase of salons.

We’re being pinned up by sheep. It’s really all about Nov. 3. The media and the Dems want to drag this out to defeat Donald Trump. I’m vulnerable to COVID-19, if I catch it, but 98% to 99% of people will beat it and be immune if it comes back next winter. Therefore, infect the herd. All of us. Mourn the deaths and then move forward to the living.

When Donald Trump is backed against the wall, he starts threatening to cut off immigration. Our food chain depends on immigration. The critical care doctors are in short supply already. I’m a senior citizen worrying about the virus killing me. Now I could starve to death because of Trump’s ignorance.

U.S. citizen to President Trump: Mr. Trump, please quit practicing being a doctor. Try practicing being president.

When Donald Trump ran for president, he said he was going to balance the budget in no time at all. His tax cut for the rich raised the national deficit over $1 trillion. In a short three years we are at over $5 trillion he has given away. Where are the small government conservatives? I think they are all socialists now because they are silent. Their president has carried them over a cliff and they are still following. Maybe we should have an early election and try to resolve this situation before it gets any worse.

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David Rau

If you get down to the real truth Trump should never have been President to begin with. He was never fit for office he was just a bad reality show host and a failed businessman. And now he has killed 88,000 Americans and put 36 million out of work.

Gary Wylie

Although I support the republican party (rather than the dimocrats), I do concur with the writer who suggested to President Trump that he should concentrate on being President rather than giving medical advice. That same thing goes for state and local politicians who all seem to want the tv time nowadays to chip in with their own medical advice and issueing their directives and guidance. Notice to Politicians: Please note that you are a politician because you do not know anything else; stick to that and forego any further medical advice! Don't you have access to REAL medical people? (and that doesn't mean financial CEOs of hospitals - who may be worse than the politicians with their own medical advice!)...

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