Liberal Democrats don’t like Fox News because they are telling the truth about them and all the underhanded things they’ve done. So many people have tried to get Donald Trump out of office. The other news channels tell lie on top of lie to back anything they do. Thank God for Fox News.

This question is for the city of Florence: Are you ever going to do anything with Chisholm Road from Cox Creek to Seven Points? It is a safety hazard. You can’t see the lines; there’s potholes everywhere. It’s ridiculous. Do something about it.

I’d like to comment about the city of Tuscumbia. It seems to me like the mayor and the city council are a joke. They have no dream; they have no vision. There’s so many potential opportunities for Tuscumbia to grow, and they are just sitting back and watching it die. One of the best cities in the world is dying because of the mayor and the city council. Vote them all out.

Muscle Shoals City Schools fired its best history teacher because they wanted a football coach instead of high quality academics. They hired someone from South Alabama whose son will play football. In foreign language classes, teachers show movies regularly to avoid teaching. Where has accountability gone?

I’ve always thought that Florence is supposed to be the Renaissance City. If I understand right, renaissance is an awakening to art and beautiful things. Evidently Florence is waking up to a nightmare with some yards with weeds as high as your knees and old junk cars decorating the front yards and along the street, not to mention all the rubbish and trash that can be seen here and yonder on the crumbling streets.

There seems to be a misunderstanding on socialism. Conservatives called Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, people like that socialists, when Donald Trump has given away more money than anyone ever. So if you don’t want your stimulus check because you think it’s part of socialism, Mr. Independent will take it.

Some of us do not care for the new landscaping in Florence. Weeds in yards that are knee-high, brush piles in the back yards placed along with junk cars here and there, and to top it off, beer cans scattered on the roadside. It doesn’t add to the beauty of our city.

I cannot understand why the city of Florence would pay for a survey on Pine Street around UNA. If those students had sense enough to go down to the traffic light and go when it turns green, they would not to get run over. That’s what it’s there for. They don’t need to cross anywhere they please.

That’s the ugliest tree on South O’Neal Street and Veterans Drive in Florence. It’s on the city’s right of way in front of a house and it’s on a bank. The roots are out of the ground, it’s ready to fall, it’s in the power lines, so why doesn’t the city cut it?

Joe Biden is claiming to have graduated from college at the top of his class. This is false. Yet Donald Trump did indeed graduate at the top of his college class. Trump is a lot smarter than both the Bush presidents, also Clinton and Obama. Let’s not turn our country over to the socialists. I’m proud that Trump is my president.

A lot of women won congressional seats in the last election. So they decided that’s how to take over the Senate. They are running 13 Democratic women in the next election. And if they win it, it will be like Mitt Romney — a Republican but really they will vote Democrat. This way they will take over the House and change the whole ball of wax.

People seem to be listening to Donald Trump on the virus instead of medical professionals. Even on “Gilligan’s Island” the castaways listened to the professor rather than the millionaire.

I just don’t understand why the city spends all this money on sidewalks for people to walk on and then they still walk in the middle of the street.

This upcoming election, all those people (in Congress) need to be voted out. They have done nothing for America. All they have done is enrich themselves. This election this time is about the soul of our nation. It’s a spiritual war.

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David Rau

Mr, Wylie does not seem to realize that the Koch brothers or the one remaining one has led the poor people of Alabama and Tennessee around by the nose for years. They spend millions on morons like Trump to promote them They have led the effort to cut taxes for the rich and tell the poor people of Alabama that its a good thing although the working man had to pay for Trumps tax cuts for the rich. The Koch brothers are billionaires and in the oil business and they promote the premise that there is no such thing as climate change. They have also fought to eliminate poor kids from getting a meal at school and want to cut the poor people of Alabama's food stamps. They are also total racist and bigots and do not believe in the seperation of church and state. They also are anti abortion and want to put women in jail that want a abortion..They are also pro gun and have no regard for how many people that die from gun violence. Mr Wylie better wake up if criminal Trump should win again which he won't our nation is done for.

Gary Wylie

Our country will be much better off if we could change the laws requiring legislators to LIVE in the districts they represent (rather than DC). Once they are living in DC they become 'DC-ites' rather than Alabamaians or Tennesseans etc. In the meantime we have to do what we can and continue voting for the 'lesser of the evils'. Even though we may not like Trump, we should know by now what the Soros-led liberal democrats will do to our country!

Walter Bradford

Mr. Gary Wylie this is the 4th of July, 2020 you do realize do you not you spelled "Alabamian" incorrectly. I once read that George Soros had spoken with the Founding Members of "The Deep State" and "The Swamp" and he was going to release a virus on people in Alabama and Georgia as well as Tennessee and Arkansas that would make them spell the names of their own state's incorrectly. Now I don't know if you've been infected by "Soros #31A" but maybe you should go see (t)rumps at one of his "Suicide Rallies" and pledge your life to The US Economy in person! Think that's a plan??? Enjoy your holiday and just remember, do NOT wear a mask and do NOT safe distance. We wouldn't want you to be here to be able to vote Heinrich Trump back in office! Walter A. Bradford Florence

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