I think the city of Florence needs to do more for our homeless people. It’s a shame they are living on the street when the city of Florence is spending on non-necessary projects that don’t benefit anyone. Get these people off the street. Build them a nice shelter so they can live in dignity and not have to get out on the streets and sleep.

I don’t know why the American people can be so dumb to fall for Donald Trump’s good economy. The good economy comes from the deficit that taxpayers eventually will have to pay back, and pay back with interest. What happens when you don’t pay the bank back? They come and pick your stuff up.

Israel has been wanting a war with Iran for a long time. Well, they’ve got it now. The only problem is that the United States is going to have to fight it for them. That’s the way it’s worked for a long time.

I’m coming up to Haleyville and all three highways all you see are empty buildings and trash.

The picture of Iranian protesters who avoided stepping on a picture of the American flag is an indication that the common people of Iran are not supportive of their evil dictator. This man kills his own people as well as infidels in order to retain power. Why are our Democrats and the liberal press not supportive of the people of Iran and critical of their government instead of being critical of our own government?

Here’s the latest on Hillary Clinton according to Family Radio: The Democrats have decided that if the nomination is either going to be Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but they don’t figure either one can win. So they are going to take the one in the lead and make them vice president under Hillary Clinton.

I saw another campaign ad today with Michael Bloomberg saying he is going to lower health care costs. How is it that his city where he was mayor has the highest health care costs in America?

Donald Trump and Russia started pushing fake news, lies and disinformation. It’s evident he has no respect for our Constitution or democracy. The only thing he is interested in is his own self-interest. If you think he is interested in making America great again by stealing another election, you should move to Russia and see how many rights you have. I hate I took an oath to protect his and your rights. Neither of you deserve it.

George Bush Sr. didn’t eliminate Saddam Hussein because he didn’t want to create a vacuum in the Middle East. George Jr. eliminated Saddam, a counterbalance to Iran, creating a vacuum, which was filled in by Iran and ISIS. Building on his mistake, Barack Obama released billions of dollars to Iran, which went to fund terrorism in the Mideast killing thousands, including our own people.

When I lived in Arizona about 30 years ago, my brother-in-law owned 75% of the billboards in Arizona. A billboard coming into town would cost you $1,200 a month, and you had to take it for three years. Around here is different. Real estate, insurance companies and lawyers eat up these billboards. They are all over. I don’t know how they afford them, Alabama has got to be a lot cheaper than other states.

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