The City of Florence has been dealing with some major renovations in the downtown area. Streets and curbs are torn apart, and many changes and detours changing daily. We wondered why Tennessee Street was stripped of the old surface three months ago, uncovering many potholes and there’s still no new surface. With better planning, could that not have been done together?

At its simplest, the decision whether or not to wear a mask is a test of intelligence. Surprising to absolutely no one at all, Alabama is failing that test miserably.

The biggest danger to the United States of America is not COVID-19. The biggest danger to the United States of America is liberals who want to turn us into a Marxist utopia.

Christians should never put the word conservative by the Christian name because Jesus was not a conservative. He fed the poor, he healed the sick and he did it free. So the conservative was a taker. Jesus was not a taker.

Someone called in and said everything would turn into communists if we elect Democrats. What do they think we have now? Donald Trump is best buddies with the communist people. He’s running everything his way or the highway. He is a dictator want-to-be and a communist want-to-be, and I don’t know what people see in him.

I’ve got a question for Black Lives Matter and these protesters that are tearing our country apart, tearing down statues and changing our country. Since your changing the names of pro sports teams, are you going to take away the California Angels baseball team because it’s religious? What are you going after next?

Shutting down the economy during a pandemic is the easiest way to destroy a country. This is why the liberals keep pushing this agenda. They want to destroy capitalism so they can usher in socialism and have complete control of the United States.

I’d like to comment on the speed limit on Pine Street from UNA on down. The speed limit is 35, not 65. If the Florence police would sit out there, they could pay their salaries. They are going to keep on until they kill somebody.

The continual lockdowns due to the coronavirus are not about saving lives. It’s about liberal control of your behavior. If the liberals were really concerned about saving lives in the United States of America, they would immediately stop the production of tobacco, liquor and illicit drugs. These three things will kill more people this year than coronavirus ever will.

These young people need to realize wearing masks is not too effective if you don’t keep a six-foot distance. Young people need to wake up and see they are effecting the older people, too. If you see an older person, don’t get close to them and respect the six-foot distance.

In regards to people not wanting to wear masks: What if your surgeon said this to you: “Yes, sir or ma’am, it makes it hard for me to breathe and it doesn’t protect you from anything anyway, and it’s against my constitutional rights to make me wear one, so when I cut into your body I choose not to wear one.”

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican president. That’s why they are so mad now. They found out he was a Republican. They are going to tear down everything that is Republican. The Democrats don’t like (Abraham) Lincoln anymore.

Why doesn’t the Black Lives Matter organization try to do some useful, like encourage more young to apply for jobs on police forces, build Habitat Homes for needy black families, or help needy young students with college costs?

The Democrats voted against freeing the slaves. The Democrats voted against giving them the right to vote. All these statues they are tearing down, they are trying to tear down their own history. They’re not only destroying their own history, they are also destroying the Democrats.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the right to tear down or relocate a Confederate monument. These monuments are to honor the men who were killed in Lincoln’s tax war. Over 400,000 men were killed in Lincoln’s tax war, the most men ever killed in a war to this date.

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