I think they should abolish handicapped parking and fire lanes in Haleyville because the police are not issuing tickets to anybody that’s not supposed to be there.

The Poarch Creek Indians proposal is totally inadequate: give them a billion dollars up front and then several million annually for the life of the contract. Either that or give them a 10 percent operation fee and get them out of the picture. How are you going to handle the politics of the whole thing?

The state of Alabama is allowing deer baiting hunting. This pretty much guarantees the entire herd will die out from chronic wasting disease.

Talk about fake news. On the Fox News website there’s an article that Ken Cuccinelli, the DHS deputy was forced to leave a bar after being assaulted by Martin O’Malley. Forced to leave a bar? He left because he’s like Trump and his other minions. When a confrontation comes up, they know they have no defense so their best alternative is to get out of there before they are embarrassed more than they already are.

Donald Trump does not understand and has no respect for the military at all, like most draft dodgers. It shows his ignorance by pardoning soldiers who made poor decisions and then calling us the Deep State. My five years in Vietnam, people like Trump and Mohammad Ali and others were called chicken and other names. If a veteran could vote for Trump, then I think they could have PTSD.

I read where Utah is the 19th state banning conversion therapy. In other words it’s all about same sex marriage and all that stuff. But you see, sin always wins.

Michelle Obama has written a book and she’s going on tour with five or six celebrities. She’s drawing bigger crowds than anybody running as a Democrat. They are going to through her name in at the last minute. If she wins, Obama will be the president again. But they don’t think any of the candidates can win, and this is why she’s going on tour to see what kind of crowds she can draw.

People that have items too long sticking out their vehicle need to have someone follow behind them with their emergency lights going, or they should have a red bandanna, orange bandanna, yellow bandanna, that’s handy especially for older people.

There have been over 2,000 homicides in Tijuana, Mexico, this year. By comparison with 2,500 approximately last year in Tijuana. The Democratic Party wants to do away with Homeland Security and have open borders.

I recently saw a rear-end collision in the left lane with somebody trying to turn left. The tailgater, of course, is at fault, and I hope the one that was hit in the rear will sue him for everything he owns.

We have a million-dollar hospital in Florence but I had to be taken to the hospital at 9 one night and they didn’t have anyone there that could read a MRI. This is a disgrace, and from now on I will definitely go to Helen Keller. I can’t believe you don’t have someone there to read all the tests all the time.

Florence is missing out on a really good source of revenue. If I was the police chief, I’d put a speed trap permanently by the O’Neal Bridge and I’d charge more for people going over 65 mph.

Republicans point to the stock market as an indicator that the economy is doing good, and it is for the rich. For the last 150 years the stock market has been at 8.5% profit yearly, regardless of which party is in the White House. Look at the GDP. The last administration left Trump with 4.5%. Today it’s 1.5%. Predictions are the last quarter will be 1%. Manufacturing has stagnated, so this socialism is not working for the middle class. When will I get a raise?

This is for the caller who said Jimmy Gardiner will regret leaving the Democratic Party. I just want to say congratulations to Gardiner for seeing the light. The Democrat Party left its base years ago. It’s too extreme and not even American any more.

So Rick Perry is now saying that Donald Trump is God’s chosen. I wonder if I remember correctly? Lucifer at one time was God’s favorite and how did that turn out? And Trump was chosen for this position; was Hitler? Was Osama bin Ladin also chosen by God?

When it comes to money it’s all crooked. It’s rigged. When it comes to the lottery it’s just as crooked as anything else out there. It’s all crooked and the guy who rigged it got 25 years in prison. It’s all rigged.

It doesn’t matter what the car in front of you is doing. It’s the tailgating that makes you a criminal and liable for any accidents.

Recently on ABC there was a two-hour special on 20/20 about Natalie Holloway. It was going great until the meteorologist for Channel 31 broke in with the weather conditions for the last five minutes of the show. Could this not have waited? It was going to be on at 10 p.m. anyway. I wondered if this would happen during Alabama or Auburn football. I can answer this question: “no.”

Chris Wallace asked the senior senator of Louisiana, Bill Cassidy, who do you think hacked into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign? The honorable senator replied, “I don’t know, nor do you. Nor does anyone.” It was my impression that this is what this guy gets paid for, to know things like that.

I am so tired of reading that the Florence mayor is bragging about unemployment rate dropping to levels never before recorded. What he is not saying is that the majority of these people are making minimum wages because all the businesses that come around here are fast food restaurants. Huntsville, Decatur and even Athens are getting all businesses that pay good wages. We need a mayor who can get businesses that pay good wages to locate here.

I’m calling about the person who complained about all the fast food restaurants in Cloverdale. I got news for them. They ought to be glad they don’t live out in Central because we don’t have anything out here.

Some of you Christian ministers who follow the Republican Party so close need to spend time explaining to the congressional Republicans that you don’t have to be naked to sin.

Lawmakers should come up with a law for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to make sure that news organizations should tell the facts of the news only. Or if they are going to add their spin that their news organizations should label it as spin or propaganda.

I see that Alabama football is cruising right along. They can beat podunk teams, but they have trouble with real teams. Maybe if they shut down their English Department they can afford to buy better players next year.

To the person who said Donald Trump’s ship is taking on water, I can assure him that if this happens, our great president will put more Americans to work bottling that water to sell to China to make a profit to make America even greater again.

When the Democrats send their articles of impeachment to the Senate, it will be the biggest Christmas present the Republicans and the president could ever hope for. People will see just how crooked and corrupt the lawless Democrats are.


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