When I lived in Arizona about 30 years ago, my brother-in-law owned 75% of the billboards in Arizona. A billboard coming into town would cost you $1,200 a month, and you had to take it for three years. Around here is different. Real estate, insurance companies and lawyers eat up these billboards. They are all over. I don’t know how they afford them, Alabama has got to be a lot cheaper than other states.

They are advertising on Fox News for veterans to take advantage of a small-interest loan to buy a house. They say if you do it now, you can save $2,000 a year. I went for that in 1996. I borrowed $20,000 to remodel my house. Four years later the interest rate went up to a real high rate. It took me 24 years to pay back that $20,000, and I paid $57,000.

In a recent paper it said volunteers are needed for homeless count. They have to count the homeless to determine how much money counties will get. Now do you think they will count? No. They will come up with a high number to get more money because that’s what it’s all about — more money.

Driving in the county at night is a pleasure with the good paint lines and the reflective markers. It’s another story in the city where they have excessive lighting and poor markings on the roads.

There’s a new book out about President Trump where he pushed the United States military down to some big generals at the Pentagon at 2017. Everybody should read the book. He calls the military dolts and babies.

Anyone who has been in the military knows that imminent attack will happen, even though you take the planner out. It’s already in process. Since nothing has happened, it means Donald Trump and his flunkies are lying. Trump’s pathological lying has destroyed what his party stood for. They have no credibility. Killing one important man means a lot of people will die. It’s not over with.

All these people like Michael Bloomberg say they have so much money they can waste, why don’t they make some more people like vets and Social Security and help people who don’t have anything. We can all be happier, too. We could all have a little money, too.

I’m not a Republican, but I can explain the difference between a mandate on health insurance and car insurance. Health insurance was a mandate Obama put on the people who didn’t want to buy insurance that fined them $1,000. Car insurance has nothing to do with the federal government. That is operated by the state.


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