Here’s 10 things for the Democrats: Ban affordable energy, fossil fuel, eliminate nuclear energy, eliminate 99 percent of cars, gut and rebuild all buildings, eliminate all travel, government guaranteed jobs, free education, a saboteur’s diet, free money and ban meat. This is what they believe because of the Green New Deal. It’s all socialism.

When did the city of Sheffield rename two of our streets in Cliff Haven to IBEW Lane and 558 Avenue? Now I’m seeing union decals being put on city vehicles and equipment. Mayor, tell us what’s going on?

Now conservatives are saying video games are causing mass shootings. Well, if a person can be influenced by a video game, something on a screen, they can be influenced by what the president of the United States says. You can’t have it both ways.

The article on the new football field at UNA illustrates what is wrong with our educational system and the problem of escalating student debt. Asking students if they are willing to pay extra fees has no relevance to the situation. Parents are paying for the education, and they have no concept of the costs involved. If the students are paying for it, they have no idea of how much debt they are incurring. UNA should consider dropping the football program and reducing the fees for the students.


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