This is in response to a previous caller who said: “Adolf Hitler once said, ‘If you tell a lie often enough and well enough, people will accept it as the truth.’” Apparently, Donald Trump has been reading Hitler’s playbook.

It is amazing to me that Donald Trump has not been voted into sainthood by one of the major Christian churches. He should be revered for his good character, which is pure as the driven snow. And he is a man who never brags about the wonderful deeds he has done. He is a humble man indeed.

Let’s take the name Adam, reverse it — Mada, not MAGA like the red hats, MADA. Make America Decent Again. And to do that, Donald Trump has got to get out of office. He’s got to go away. Maybe he’ll be the first man to go to Mars.

This is to the man who drives on Rickwood Road and complains about its condition: The city officials don’t have time to work on roads over there; they are too busy fighting the hungry and the homeless.

Donald Trump has been president three years. To hear him talk, Barack Obama is still president — he blames him for everything, because he’s obsessed with Obama. The economy was better under Obama and he knows it. Christians have been conned; they think Trump’s a Christian.

Make sense to me: Take a highly unqualified, impulsive, draft-dodger with bone spurs and put him in charge of the entire U.S. military.

I read where they want to change electing people to the state school board and let the governor appoint them. We certainly don’t need that. If we have a Republican governor, we will have Republican board members. If we have a Democrat, we will have Democrats. We should never lose our capacity to vote on what goes on, I don’t care what the office is.

I’m a student at Northwest-Shoals and I recently had an instructor who told me the president wouldn’t let the teacher take off more than two days at a time because it might hurt the college. The people in financial aid and the business office and the president herself, they take off two and three weeks at a time. When we were trying to get our checks back from financial aid, there was nobody around. There’s something wrong when they won’t let the teachers take off, but everyone else can take off.

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