The residents of Lauderdale County did not approve that 2 cents sales tax to go to some ag center that we know nothing about. Therefore, every time we fill up, we are going to Colbert County where the gas is cheaper anyway. Come on everybody, join us. There will be no taxes to pay for this thing that nobody wants or knows anything about.

All of my life I have understood that the Christian community was one of love, compassion, kindness and consideration toward your fellow man. However, lately I have observed that the evangelical Christians are at the forefront of causing Dreamers and other immigrants as much misery, anxiety and apprehension as the possibly can. Maybe that’s why church attendance is down.

Shame on you Florence. The Coffee Cemetery is immaculately maintained and the cemetery that is adjacent is covered in weeds.

Sen. Lindsey Graham admits he is close-minded. He’s a Republican in South Carolina. That’s the kind of senator we don’t need representing the United States of America.

After watching the Democrats spend all their time wasting all our tax dollars on impeachment, and not helping the American people, my wife and I plan to vote straight Republican. We’ll be in and out in no time.

I really don’t understand the dilemma in America that pertains to Donald Trump and his thoughts and behavior. We’ve seen him make fun of a disabled individual. What kind of man does that? Now it’s true that he used a charity for veterans to pay for his own campaign. What kind of man pulls money from veterans?


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