Recently, we went to our grandchildren’s graduation at Webster in Muscle Shoals and during the prayer and “The Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag, there were parents who didn’t even take their caps off, and we wonder what’s the matter with our children now. That’s a perfect example of why things are the way they are.

I just listened to a program on the radio led by ex-Sen. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. It’s people who are fed up with socialism and illegal aliens. They only have 15 states in their pocket. If they get 32 states, they can change our government, take the government back, and get rid of the politicians who have spent their lifetime in there.

Reports of retail stores closing, both locally and nationally, have become commonplace. In my opinion this is happening in part because of the current obsession with online shopping. We need our stores, whether locally owned or part of a chain. These stores provide jobs and needed tax revenue. I do not believe you will see any online retailers sending money to pave our roads and streets, pay and equip first responders, and provide other services. Please buy locally.

With all this recent rain, all the grass at these rental homes has skyrocketed. Can something not be done about rental property being properly cut and maintained? The council people need to pass a regulation that they are responsible for that property. They get the rent, they should cut it. Half of them are college kids and they don’t own a lawnmower. Do something about it.

It looks like the Trump-Russia witch hunt has gotten so psychotically embarrassing that they’ve even stopped making jokes about it on “Saturday Night Live.”

I know several teachers throughout the Shoals area and they are good people, but I have never seen a group of people that work, make a good living, work for nine months a year, not 12, get off for every holiday there is in the state, but they complain more than any other occupation I have ever heard of.

I drove from Florida. I drove through Georgia and I drove through Alabama until I came to Haleyville. It’s a trash place.

Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump that a president and a dictator are not the same thing.


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