I have a solution for the person who was criticizing Florence’s recycling pickup crews: Tie your recycling up in garbage bags, carry it to the Florence recycling center and deposit them into the recycling bins and they’ll take it from there.

Are they ever going to repave Rickwood Road? It is in terrible condition, and it’s impossible to dodge all the potholes. I would appreciate it if they would do it.

It’s amazing what the Democratic candidates are going to give away. But who’s going to pay for it? It won’t be the rich, for most of them are rich and will protect their fortune. It won’t be the poor, that leaves only working middle class taxpayers, the ones that used to be the strength of the Democratic Party.

Why do the Democrats keep blaming Donald Trump for these tragedies? They didn’t blame Barack Obama for all the mass shootings when he was in office.

There’s another smear campaign against the president, this time about his salty language. This is supposed to convince evangelical Christians to stay home from voting so the Democrats can continue to destroy the country.

I agree the University of North Alabama needs a new stadium, but my gosh, could they not have thought of that years ago? In the meantime, can they not fix up the old dressing room at Braly Stadium? It’s embarrassing to see the visiting team standing outside during halftime while our team goes inside to the comfort of a building. They are having to put tents up for these guys. Come on people, get some of those big dollar people you have at UNA to put some money into that dressing room for the time being. Let’s be proud of what we have.

Here’s 10 things for the Democrats: Ban affordable energy, fossil fuel, eliminate nuclear energy, eliminate 99 percent of cars, gut and rebuild all buildings, eliminate all travel, government guaranteed jobs, free education, a saboteur’s diet, free money and ban meat. This is what they believe because of the Green New Deal. It’s all socialism.

I recently read that Beto O’Rourke gave one-third of one percent of his earnings last year to charity. Typical liberal. He wants to help you with somebody else’s money.

When did the city of Sheffield rename two of our streets in Cliff Haven to IBEW Lane and 558 Avenue? Now I’m seeing union decals being put on city vehicles and equipment. Mayor, tell us what’s going on?


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